Zhayolm Remnants II is an alternate enemy setup in Zhayolm Remnants. It still takes place in Zhayolm Remnants, but the monsters and progression are different.




The following maps are placeholders. They show the level 75 salvage zone. The map itself is the same but the mobs are different.

Zhayolm Remnants
Map 1

First Floor

The Runic Lamp past the first door will contain 10 pathos unlocks. These unlocks are chosen by player individually by targeting the Lamp and selecting which unlocks they want. The unlocks are in set numbers.

The Lamp Unlocks:

  • Weapon x2
  • Magic
  • Ability
  • Subjob
  • Additional Magic OR Ability OR Subjob (equal chance of each)
  • Any combination of 2:
    • HP, MP, Body, Ranged/Ammo, OR Weapon (3rd weapon from this slot is rare)
  • Any combination of 2:
    • Head/Neck, Hands, Earring/Ring, [Back/Waist, Leg/Feet, STR, DEX, VIT, AGI, INT, MND, or CHR

Each "wing" on the first floor has one kind of mob in the rooms plus 2 Mamool Ja in the hallways; they will unlock the same slots all the way through.

SE&SW Wings

  • Toad (Toads) x4-5 per room: CHR, DEX, Back/Waist

NE&NW Wings

All Wings

Zhayolm Remnants
Map 2

Second Floor

The room in which you start is determined by the teleporter you took up from the first floor. Like the first floor, each wing has a certain type of mob and will be the opposite of the same wing on floor 1. You may not access any other wings than the one you start in. Warp pad is in center area connected to all wings.

SE&SW Rooms

NE&NW Rooms

  • Toad (Toads) x9 per room: CHR, DEX, Back/Waist

All Rooms

Zhayolm Remnants
Map 3

Third Floor

Zhayolm Remnants
Map 4

Fourth Floor

Where you enter this floor depends on where you Warped from floor 3. The north and south sections of this floor are not connected.

North Area

South Area

Zhayolm Remnants
Map 5

Fifth Floor

Again the choice you made on Floor 3 dictates which side of this level you are on. They are not connected.

North Area

South Area

Zhayolm Remnants
Map 6

Sixth Floor

Zhayolm Remnants
Map 7

Seventh Floor

Which boss you fight depends on whether you popped the Hydra on Floor 6. If you did not, you fight the Hydra here. If you did, you fight Enraged Alfard here. When you enter the main room a Rampart will spawn whichever boss you have earned and then vanish.


Once the boss is defeated you may exit via the warp pad in the side room. If you defeat the Enraged Alfard you get a new title. No title is awarded for defeating the normal Hydra.

Area Drop Theme

Guide: Monk Solo

This guide is intended to provide a quick path to obtaining guaranteed 50-100 Alexandrite. Does not include any plan farming or optional gear farming. ILVL 115 Mnk/Dnc is the intended job but any job that can bypass the Hydras physical immunity TP move can probably manage just as well. --Leauce (talk) 15:32, January 3, 2014 (UTC)

FLOOR 1: (Unlocks: CHR, DEX, VIT, STR, AGI, HP, Back/Waist, Rings/Earrings)

  • Obtain unlocks from lamp.
  • Head to SE section and kill Toads to unlock CHR, DEX, Back/Waist.
  • Head to NE section and kill Crawlers to unlock VIT, STR, Rings/Earrings.
  • Head to NE port and kill Mamool Ja Zenist along the path to unlock AGI, HP.
  • Take the NE port to floor 2.

FLOOR 2: (Unlocks: AGI)

  • Kill Mamool Ja Bounder to unlock AGI, if not done on previous floor.
  • Skip all other mobs and head to the center of the map to port to floor 3.

FLOOR 3: (Unlocks: INT, MND, CHR)

  • Head West and kill Pugils to unlock INT, MND, CHR.
  • Take the South port to floor 4.


  • Head West and port up to floor 5.


  • Head to the center room of the map and port to floor 6.

FLOOR 6: (Unlocks: Head/Neck, Legs/Feet, Body, Hands, Range/Ammo, Job Abilities)

  • Avoid the Archaic Rampart on the North wall.
  • Kill Archaic Gear(s) to unlock Head/Neck, Legs/Feet, Body, Hands.
  • Kill Archaic Gears to unlock Range/Ammo, Back/Waist, Rings/Earrings, Job Abilities.
  • Clear room of remaining Archaic Gear, Archaic Gears, and Archaic Ramparts except for North rampart.
  • Unlock South door before engaging Archaic Rampart.
  • Engage Archaic Rampart and force it to spawn Hydra.
  • Choose to either fight or skip Hydra and zone to final floor.
    • Hydra has a small chance to drop linen purse.
    • Defeating this Hydra weakens the Enraged Alfard on the Floor 7. ? (Needs confirming).


  • Defeat Enraged Alfard for a guaranteed linen purse drop.


  • Uses all standard Hydra TP moves, including immunity Bulwarks and Nerve Gas.
  • Uses TP Move Pyric Bulwark: Physical Dmg immunity.
  • Uses TP move Nerve Gas: AoE Curse, 20HP/tick poison.
    • Recommended to bring antidotes and holy waters to counter this ability.