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Zone Information
Area Name Zeruhn Mines
Type Dungeon
Maps ZeruhnMines
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous Adventuring Fellow Icon Tractor Icon

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Region Gustaberg
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music None
Monstrosity MONSmallMONMedium
Notes You cannot go past the gate at (H-7) without the Rise of the Zilart expansion pack installed and registered.

These mines were recently dug out of the large rock formation that lies in the Mines District of Bastok when a vein of Darksteel Ore was discovered within. Zeruhn has since become a reliable source of iron and a small supplier of zinc, silver, and darksteel, and because of its location within the walls of Bastok, Zeruhn Mines is safer for miners than the nearby Palborough Mines.


Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
Blade of Darkness Job: Dark Knight Gumbah    Bastok Mines J-7
Groceries General Tami    Bastok Mines J-8
Minesweeper General Gerbaum    Bastok Mines F-8
The Darksmith General Mighty Fist    Metalworks G-9
Mission Nation Starter Location
The Zeruhn Report Bastok Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
Return of the Talekeeper Bastok Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
Enter the Talekeeper Bastok Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
Welcome! To My Decrepit Domicile Moogle Kupo d'Etat Moogle Upper Jeuno H-8

Other Information

Item Abundance
Iron Ore 24.5%Very Common(24.5%)
Pebble 18%Common(18%)
Copper Ore 18.5%Common(18.5%)
Zinc Ore 13.3%Uncommon(13.3%)
Tin Ore 11.2%Uncommon(11.2%)
Snapping Mole 5.5%Rare(5.5%)
Silver Ore 1.8%Very Rare(1.8%)
Darksteel Ore 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%)
Sturdy metal strip 4.8%Very Rare(4.8%)
Mining Map
Fish Cap Body of Water
7 Pond
Tricolored Carp
Black Eel
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Subligar
Rusty Leggings
7 River
Moat Carp
Copper Frog
Tricolored Carp
Giant Catfish
Black Eel
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Leggings
Rusty Subligar
Fishing Map

Individual Training

Area of Book Pg Tgt. Level Max Level Mobs to Fight XP/Gil Tabs
Zeruhn Mines 1 1~3 10 90-180 9-18
2 2~4 12 110-220 11-22
3 75~78 99 1640-3280 164-328
4 75~79 99 1600-3200 160-320
5 75~80 99 1700-3400 170-340

Treasure Casket

Brown Casket Blue Casket
Item Abundance Item Abundance
Prouesse Ring RareExclusive 0.7%Extremely Rare(0.7%) Catholicon 15.2%Warning(15.2%)
Aluminum Ingot 4.4%Very Rare(4.4%) Fool's Tonic 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Antlion Quiver 1.8%Very Rare(1.8%) Fanatic's Tonic 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Barrage Turbine 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%) Ascetic's Tonic 3%Warning(3%)
Barrier Module 1.1%Very Rare(1.1%) Stalwart's Tonic 9.1%Warning(9.1%)
Beastcoin 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%) Champion's Tonic 3%Warning(3%)
Beehive Chip 0.7%Extremely Rare(0.7%) Cleric's Drink 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Black Pepper 1.1%Very Rare(1.1%) Monarch's Drink 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Bomb Arm 0.7%Extremely Rare(0.7%) Vicar's Drink 3%Warning(3%)
Bone Chip 1.1%Very Rare(1.1%) Braver's Drink 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Cobalt Cell 1.5%Very Rare(1.5%) Champion's Gambir 3%Warning(3%)
Cotton Thread 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%) Healing Salve I 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Disruptor 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%) Healing Salve II 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Dogwood Log 1.1%Very Rare(1.1%) Healing Mist 3%Warning(3%)
Dragon Ring 1.1%Very Rare(1.1%) Healing Powder 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Elixir 4.7%Very Rare(4.7%) Mana Mist 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Ether +1 2.2%Very Rare(2.2%) Mana Powder 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Ether +2 4.7%Very Rare(4.7%) Lucid Wings I 9.1%Warning(9.1%)
Galvanizer 1.8%Very Rare(1.8%) Daedalus Wing 3%Warning(3%)
Giant Femur 2.2%Very Rare(2.2%) Lucid Potion I 9.1%Warning(9.1%)
Giant Stinger 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%) Lucid Potion II 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Gold Nugget 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%) Lucid Potion III 9.1%Warning(9.1%)
Heat Capacitor 1.1%Very Rare(1.1%) Lucid Ether I 12.1%Warning(12.1%)
Hi-Ether +1 4.4%Very Rare(4.4%) Lucid Ether II 3%Warning(3%)
Hi-Ether +3 0.7%Extremely Rare(0.7%) Lucid Ether III 3%Warning(3%)
Hi-Potion +1 0.7%Extremely Rare(0.7%) Stalwart's Gambir 3%Warning(3%)
Hi-Potion +3 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%) Dusty Elixir 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Holly Lumber 4%Very Rare(4%) Clear Salve I 3%Warning(3%)
Honey 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%) Gnostic's Drink 3%Warning(3%)
Jade Cell 1.8%Very Rare(1.8%)
Lizard Skin 2.9%Very Rare(2.9%)
Percolator 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%)
Potion +2 4.4%Very Rare(4.4%)
Potion +3 4.4%Very Rare(4.4%)
Power Cooler 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%)
Pro-Ether +1 4.7%Very Rare(4.7%)
Pro-Ether +3 4%Very Rare(4%)
Red Moko Grass 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%)
Rubicund Cell 1.8%Very Rare(1.8%)
Sheepskin 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%)
Silver Beastcoin 0.7%Extremely Rare(0.7%)
Skull Locust 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%)
Tarutaru Sash 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%)
Vermihumus 1.1%Very Rare(1.1%)
Vivi-Valve 1.8%Very Rare(1.8%)
Voiddust 2.9%Very Rare(2.9%)
War Beret 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%)
War Boots 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%)
War Brais 0.7%Extremely Rare(0.7%)
War Gloves 1.1%Very Rare(1.1%)
Xanthous Cell 2.2%Very Rare(2.2%)
X-Potion +1 4.7%Very Rare(4.7%)
X-Potion +3 4%Very Rare(4%)

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Alaric I-6
Balgamirob K-9
Dodoi I-11
Drake Fang H-6 Mission NPC
Gavergo H-7
Gildge H-10
Lasthenes H-7 Sentry
Makarim H-11 Mission NPC
Rasmus I-6
Ormr H-10
Smoke Breath I-9
Subodh I-9
Vorzill I-6
Zelman I-8 Quest NPC

Regular Monsters Found Here

Name Level Drops Steal Family Spawns Notes
Burrower Worm
75-79 Flint Stone
Silver Ore
Zeruhn Soot
Zinc Ore
Worms ?? H
Colliery Bat
75-80 Bat Wing
Zeruhn Soot
Bat Wing (Despoil])
Beastman Blood (Despoil)
Giant Bats ?? H
Ding Bats
01-03 Bat Wing
Zeruhn Soot
Bat Trios 6 H
River Crab
02-04 Rock Salt
Zeruhn Soot
Rock Salt Crabs 4 H
Soot Crab
75-78 Rock Salt
Zeruhn Soot
Crabs 5 H
Veindigger Leech
75-80 Zeruhn Soot Leeches 4 L, H, Sc
A = Aggressive; NA = Non-Aggresive; L = Links; S = Detects by Sight; H = Detects by Sound;
HP = Detects Low HP; M = Detects Magic; Sc = Follows by Scent; T(S) = True-sight; T(H) = True-hearing
JA = Detects job abilities; WS = Detects weaponskills; Z(D) = Asleep in Daytime; Z(N) = Asleep at Nighttime; A(R) = Aggressive to Reive participants
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