Pioneer's Coalition Reward Bayld Vendor NPC


  • Exchanges Bayld for books (in the form of permanent key items) that increase the rank of specific Mog Garden H.E.L.M., gardening, and fishing net activities.
  • Only present when the Pioneers' Coalition has an Edification Rank 4 or higher.
  • Key items are not available until the player has utilized the corresponding Mog Garden hotspot a set number of times. Unlike the others, Garden Furrow operates based on number of harvests (source).
    • There also appear to be other factors that affect the rate at which you gain credit towards the next key item. Due to a general lack of interest in these mechanics and the very long timescale needed to test them, these will likely remain unknown indefinitely.
  • The following are the estimated number of days/harvests since obtaining the previous rank's key item. "Days" assume you do all possible activities each day without an assistant. Due to a lack of comprehensive testing of all possible factors, these are all rough estimates:
    • Rank 2 - 3 days (grove/vein/pond/net), 3 furrow harvests
    • Rank 3 - 3 days (grove/vein), 4 days (pond/net), 9Exclamation furrow harvests
    • Rank 4 - 8 days (grove/vein), 9 days (pond/net), 30-37Exclamation furrow harvests
    • Rank 5 - 14 days (grove/vein), 13 days (pond/net), 67-74Exclamation furrow harvests
    • Rank 6 - 10 days (grove/vein), 21 days (pond/net), ?? furrow harvests
    • Rank 7 - 26 days (grove), 27-28Exclamation days (vein), 22 days (net), 25 days (pond), 255 furrow harvests
  • You must purchase the lower-ranking key items before you can purchase the next rank. Activities also only count towards the next rank (i.e. if you use level 1 grove for 6 days, it won't count the 3 days past rank 2 to then buy rank 3 immediately).
    • The exception is Monster Rearing key items, which you can let build up and do all the quests in the same day.
  • There's no key item to increase Flotsam's rank.
  • The current maximum rank for any Mog Garden feature is rank 7.
  • The total amount of Bayld to purchase all the items from Zenicca is 216,000.


Item Bayld Total Interactions Needed Provides
KeyItem "Sow★Your★Seed!" 1000 3 Harvests Rank 2 Garden Furrow
KeyItem "My First Furrow" 3000 12 HarvestsExclamation Rank 3 Garden Furrow
KeyItem "Fields And Fertilizing" 5000 42-49 HarvestsExclamation Rank 4 Garden Furrow
KeyItem "Designer Farming" 7000 109-123 HarvestsExclamation Rank 5 Garden Furrow
KeyItem "Homesteader's Compendium" 9000 Rank 6 Garden Furrow
KeyItem "MHMU Treatise on Agronomy" 11000 Rank 7 Garden Furrow
KeyItem "Give My Regards to Reodoan" 1000 3 Fully Cleared Days Rank 2 Arboreal Grove
KeyItem "Adoulin's Topiary Treasures" 3000 6 Fully Cleared Days Rank 3 Arboreal Grove
KeyItem "Grandiloquent Groves" 5000 14 Fully Cleared Days Rank 4 Arboreal Grove
KeyItem "Arboreal Abracadabra" 7000 28 Fully Cleared Days Rank 5 Arboreal Grove
KeyItem "Verdant and Verdon'ts" 9000 38 Fully Cleared Days Rank 6 Arboreal Grove
KeyItem "MHMU Treatise on Forestry" 11000 64 Fully Cleared Days Rank 7 Arboreal Grove
KeyItem "Mythril Marathon Quarterly" 1000 3 Fully Cleared Days Rank 2 Mineral Vein
KeyItem "Take A Lode Off" 3000 6 Fully Cleared Days Rank 3 Mineral Vein
KeyItem "Varicose Mineral Veins" 5000 14 Fully Cleared Days Rank 4 Mineral Vein
KeyItem "Tales from the Tunnel" 7000 28 Fully Cleared Days Rank 5 Mineral Vein
KeyItem "The Gusgen Mines Tragedy" 9000 38 Fully Cleared Days Rank 6 Mineral Vein
KeyItem "MHMU Treatise on Minerals" 11000 65-66Exclamation Fully Cleared Days Rank 7 Mineral Vein
KeyItem "A Farewell to Freshwater" 1000 3 Days Rank 2 Pond Dredger
KeyItem "Water, Water Everywhere!" 3000 7 Days Rank 3 Pond Dredger
KeyItem "Dredging's No Drudgery" 5000 16 Days Rank 4 Pond Dredger
KeyItem "All the Ways to Skin a Carp" 7000 29 Days Rank 5 Pond Dredger
KeyItem "Anatomy of an Angler" 9000 50 Days Rank 6 Pond Dredger
KeyItem "MHMU Treatise on Fish I" 11000 75 Days Rank 7 Pond Dredger
KeyItem "The Old Men of the Sea" 1000 3 Days Rank 2 Coastal Fishing Net
KeyItem "Susuroon's Biiig Catch" 3000 7 Days Rank 3 Coastal Fishing Net
KeyItem "Black Fish of the Family" 5000 16 Days Rank 4 Coastal Fishing Net
KeyItem "20,000 Yalms Under the Sea" 7000 29 Days Rank 5 Coastal Fishing Net
KeyItem "Encyclopedia Icthyonnica" 9000 50 Days Rank 6 Coastal Fishing Net
KeyItem "MHMU Treatise on Fish II" 11000 72 Days Rank 7 Coastal Fishing Net
KeyItem "Sakura and the Magic Spoon" 1000 15 Interactions Rank 2 Monster Rearing
KeyItem "Sakura and the Fountain" 3000 20 Interactions Rank 3 Monster Rearing
KeyItem "Sakura and the Magicked Net" 5000 40 Interactions Rank 4 Monster Rearing
KeyItem "Sakura's Excellent Adventure" 7000 60 Interactions Rank 5 Monster Rearing
KeyItem "Sakura and the Cactus Corps" 9000 80 Interactions Rank 6 Monster Rearing
KeyItem "Sakura and the Holy Grail" 11000 100 Interactions Rank 7 Monster Rearing
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