Job Trait Overview

  • Game Description: May attack again immediately after missing a target.
    • Job Traits are always active.
  • Further Notes:
    • Activation rate is 45% on 75SAM main, and about 25% on /SAM.
    • SAM merit Zanshin Attack Rate increases activation rate by 1% per upgrade.
    • When Zanshin activates, Zanshin's extra attack has a +35 accuracy bonus.

Effect Overview

  • Zanshin effects from gear, food or buffs do not require the job trait to be enabled.
  • Zanshin can activate on swings that consume shadows (blink).
  • Zanshin can activate on swings that are guarded or countered, even if damage is dealt.
  • Zanshin can activate on missed weapon skills, log will not show damage.
  • Zanshin can activate on a 0 damage hit.
  • Zanshin cannot occur in conjunction with Double Attack. One or the other may occur, but not both during the same attack phase (i.e. you will not swing your weapon more than twice in one attack phase).
  • Zanshin does not seem to affect H2H Weapons. Verification Needed

Blue Magic Spells that Activate this Trait

Set the two following Blue Magic spells to get this trait:

Level Available Spell Set Point Cost
81 Final Sting 1
83 Whirl of Rage 2

Equipment that Enhances this Effect


  • Zanshin (Japanese: 残心) is a term used in the Japanese martial arts. It refers to a state of awareness – of relaxed alertness. The literal translation of zanshin is "remaining mind".
  • In several martial arts, zanshin refers more narrowly to the body's posture after a technique is executed.


Set : Whirl of Rage and Final Sting

  • Zanshin activation rate: 15%

Zanshin II

  • Obtained: Samurai Level 35
  • Obtainable: Blue Mage Level 99 (100 JP Gift)
  • Zanshin activation rate: 25%

Zanshin III

  • Obtained: Samurai Level 50
  • Zanshin activation rate: 35%

Zanshin IV

  • Obtained: Samurai Level 75
  • Zanshin activation rate: 45%

Zanshin V

  • Obtained: Samurai Level 95
  • Zanshin activation rate: 50%