Start NPC Kurou-Morou - Lower Jeuno (I-7)
Requirements Jeuno Reputation 2
Items Needed Ahriman Lens
Divination Sphere
Title Granted Fortune-teller in Training
Repeatable No
Reward Kurou-Morou begins fortune-telling
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None Never to Return


  • Kurou-Morou asks for a crystal ball.
  • Obtain an Ahriman Lens, which is dropped by Ahrimans. The lens is Exclusive, and cannot be traded, purchased from the Auction House, or sent via Delivery Box to another player.
    • The lens can, however, be sent to the Delivery Box of another character on the sender's own account.
  • Once you have the lens, head to the Maze of Shakhrami.
    • You do not have to trade the lens to Kurou-Morou. You can proceed to the Rockwell without issue.
  • Trade the Ahriman Lens to the Rockwell, located at (G-5) of the first map when entering from Tahrongi Canyon.
    • For those without a map, hug the left wall from the entrance until you reach the Attohwa Chasm zone. Turn east right before zoning into Attohwa Chasm to reach the Rockwell.
  • Once you reach the Rockwell, trade the lens to it.
  • Wait 1 earth minute,, (if you happen to be playing on a private server in an old era, then you have to wait till the next real earth day. So trading it at 11:59PM would be the optimal time). Afterwards you can receive your Divination Sphere by clicking on the Rockwell again.
  • Trade Kurou-Morou the Divination Sphere to complete the quest.

Game Description

Kurou-Morou (Fortunetellers, Lower Jeuno)
Create your own crystal ball to have your fortune told.
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