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Young Griffons

The Young Griffons were an internal San d'Orian Security force established by the royalais as a way to train upcoming Knights too young yet for service on the frontlines during the time of the Crystal War.

Young Griffons during the Great War

  • Led by Captain Excenmille from a high royal house in the San d'Orian line. A high energy and arrogant Elvaan youth who typically leads his troops into dangerous situations only to be saved by true San d'Orian Knights. In his adult years, he became a renowned San d'Orian hero, and Excenmille became a Conflict Director for Ballista information, having helped to reintroduce the event for adventurers.
  • Engineer Bistillot is a young Elvaan whom spends her days researching Orc equipment and other projects normally leading Excenmille and the other Young Griffons into trouble. Spends her days in a salvaged warmachine.
  • Sentry Rholont is a good natured Elvaan of lesser stature than his leaders, but is obedient and serves the Griffons to utmost loyalty. He is often left behind to guard the courtyard while the others go off on "missions." He is called Lharant in the present, whether that is a code name for the mission you meet him in, his last name, or if he changed his name when he became an Intelligence Operative is uncertain. (Rholont grew up to be a spy!)
  • Machegue is Cyranuce's brother and... well that's a spoiler.
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