Start NPC Mhebi Juhbily - Kazham (I-10)
Requirements Kazham Reputation: 6+
Items Needed Sandfish
Tonberry Board
Title Granted Ya Done Good
Repeatable No
Reward 7200g


Temple of Uggalepih Composite

Composite Map

  • Mhebi Juhbily tells you to go away and stop pestering. Grab a buddy (and a Sandfish) and have your buddy trade the Sandfish to her. While this is happening, check the Shed behind her. If you do it correctly, you'll see she's hiding a tonberry and get a cutscene about repairing a rusted tonberry knife. Please note that you will not lose the Sandfish so only one is needed if you are getting the cutscene for multiple people.
    • As of 2017, it is possible to do this solo: simply trade the Sandfish to Mhebi, then walk around the fence to her left until you are in range to target the shed. Clicking on it will reveal the tonberry.
  • Talk to Vah Keshura in the Weapons shop who will tell you about a kitchen in Temple of Uggalepih and a master chef named Chef Nonberry. Talk to her again for additional dialogue.
  • Obtain a Tonberry Board from either a Tonberry Pursuer in the Temple of Uggalepih or from a Tonberry Shadower in Yhoator Jungle or from a Tonberry Trailer in Den of Rancor.
  • Go to J-12 in Yhoator Jungle and enter the Temple of Uggalepih.
  • From the entrance, head right and follow the path until you hit the junction in H-9 and head North. Once you hit the next intersection at G-7, head North (where you pass a Survival Guide you may also use to get here) until you zone back into Yhoator Jungle.
  • Stay on the ledge, go left and zone in to the temple again at H-11.
  • Head west then south until you reach a gate. Head through the gate and keep heading south until you reach H-10. Once here, turn west and go past the Granite Door.
  • Talk to Chef Nonberry, then trade him the Tonberry Board and he will give you KeyItem Nonberry's Knife to take back to Mhebi Juhbily.
  • Return to Mhebi Juhbily to complete the quest. First, though, talk to Vah Keshura again for additional dialogue.

Game Description

Mhebi Juhbily (Near Mihgo's Residence, Kazham)
Mhebi wants to set her Tonberry free, but first, someone has to do something about his rusty knife.
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