Brown Casket Blue Casket
Item Abundance Item Abundance
Beluga RareExclusive 10.1%Warning(10.1%) Antidote (Up to x2)Temporary 16.5%Common(16.5%)
Black Chocobo Feather 2.5%Warning(2.5%) Catholicon (Up to x3)Temporary 10.5%Uncommon(10.5%)
Cuir Bandana 3.8%Warning(3.8%) Daedalus Wing (Up to x2)Temporary 21.1%Very Common(21.1%)
Cuir Bouilli 1.3%Warning(1.3%) Echo DropsTemporary 18%Common(18%)
Cuir Gloves 1.3%Warning(1.3%) ElixirTemporary 15.8%Common(15.8%)
Cuir Highboots 1.3%Warning(1.3%) Eye DropsTemporary 16.5%Common(16.5%)
Cuir Trousers 1.3%Warning(1.3%) Hi-Ether +1 (Up to x2)Temporary 15%Common(15%)
Ebony Sabots 2.5%Warning(2.5%) Hi-Ether +2 (Up to x2)Temporary 10.5%Uncommon(10.5%)
Ether +1 7.6%Warning(7.6%) Hi-Ether +3Temporary 10.5%Uncommon(10.5%)
Ether +2 12.7%Warning(12.7%) Hi-Potion +1Temporary 12%Uncommon(12%)
Grain Seeds (Up to x2) 7.6%Warning(7.6%) Hi-Potion +2 (Up to x2)Temporary 18.8%Common(18.8%)
Hi-Potion +3 5.1%Warning(5.1%) Hi-Potion +3Temporary 9.8%Rare(9.8%)
Iron Mittens 3.8%Warning(3.8%) Melon JuiceTemporary 15%Common(15%)
Iron Subligar 1.3%Warning(1.3%) Pamama au LaitTemporary 14.3%Uncommon(14.3%)
Kazham Peppers 2.5%Warning(2.5%) Prism Powder (Up to x3)Temporary 18%Common(18%)
Leggings 1.3%Warning(1.3%) RemedyTemporary 15%Common(15%)
Linen Thread 7.6%Warning(7.6%) Silent OilTemporary 15%Common(15%)
Mercury 5.1%Warning(5.1%)
Mythril Ore 8.9%Warning(8.9%)
Oak Log 10.1%Warning(10.1%)
Padded Cap 3.8%Warning(3.8%)
Potion +2 10.1%Warning(10.1%)
Potion +3 13.9%Warning(13.9%)
Silver Arrowheads 3.8%Warning(3.8%)
Soil Hachimaki 1.3%Warning(1.3%)
Velvet Cuffs 1.3%Warning(1.3%)
Velvet Hat 1.3%Warning(1.3%)
Velvet Robe 1.3%Warning(1.3%)
Velvet Slops 2.5%Warning(2.5%)
Evolith Exclusive 5.1%Warning(5.1%)
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