Mission Name Yggdrasil Beckons
Number 5-2
Title Granted Vanquisher of Ashrakk
Vanquisher of Dhokmak
Items Needed Key ItemSky blue pome
Key ItemSun yellow pome
Reward Key ItemAshraak's Blood Sigil
Key ItemDhokmak's Blood Sigil
Repeatable No
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A Portent Most Ominous Returning to the Trees
Replay Cutscenes
Yggdrasil Beckons Goblin Footprint Leafallia (H-8)
Yggdrasil Beckons(pt.1-2) Goblin Footprint Yorcia Weald (J-8)
Yggdrasil Beckons(pt.1-2) Goblin Footprint Cirdas Caverns (L-13)


  • This mission splits into two paths, with two BCNM fights. You can complete these in either order.
  • Both NMs only need to be brought down to around 10% HP to win.

Yorcia Weald

  • Go to the southeastern section of (H-6) in Yorcia Weald and click the Wavering Flux for a cutscene. (Directly West and a bit South of the I/H-6 Reive, near some Opo-Opos)
    • This is close to Biv #1 and only a little further from the Frontier Station if you only have that waypoint.
  • After the cutscene, click the Wavering Flux again to enter a battlefield in Yorcia Weald (U) against Ashraak, a Xol.
    • Your Key ItemSky blue pome is lost upon entry. If you lose the fight, return to the aged stump in Leafallia to get a new one


  • You are assisted in this battle by Morimar. If he is defeated, the battle is automatically lost.
  • Alter Egos can be summoned in the battlefield.
  • Buffs wear on entry.
  • After his HP gets lower, Ashraak summons a Hell-spawned Orthrus to assist him.
  • Ashraak will switch between thunder and wind magic throughout the fight.
  • Ashraak casts Thunder V and Aero V.
  • Special Attacks:
    • Tearing Gust: Single-target knockback and Magic Defense Down Verification Needed
    • Zap: AoE Amnesia, Plague, and Shock
    • Chokehold: AoE Silence and Gravity
    • Shrieking Gale: Single target damage and knockback Verification Needed
    • Undulating Shockwave: AoE damage Verification Needed
    • Concussive Shock: AoE Shock
  • Both Ashraak and Hell-spawned Orthrus are extremely susceptible to ice magic.
  • Ashraak is susceptible to silence, slow, paralyze, frazzle, distract, bind, and gravity.
  • Hell-spawned Orthrus appears to be immune to most enfeebling magic except poison.
  • Special Attacks:

Cirdas Caverns


  • Buffs wear on entry.
  • You are assisted in this battle by Darrcuiln. If he is defeated, the battle is automatically lost.
  • Alter egos can be summoned in this fight.
  • Dhokmak is assisted by 3 Malignant Acuexes.
  • Malignant Acuexes Special Attacks:
    • Foul Waters: Water Damage, Drown, Weight
    • Deadening Haze: AoE damage, Silence, and a Poison Aura
    • Pestilent Plume: Plague, Blind, and Magic Defense Down
  • The Malignant Acuexes are susceptible to all enfeebling magic including bind, gravity, and sleep.
  • The Malignant Acuexes are weak against elemental magic: particularly ice.
  • Dhokmak does not use normal melee auto attack rounds. Instead, he uses a TP attack every 3~5 seconds if his current target is in range that consumes all shadows. If his current target is not in range, he uses a ranged attack every 3~5 seconds that inflicts a weak poison on the target (<50 HP/tic) and ignores shadows.
  • Special Attacks:
    • Fetid Eddies: AoE Gravity and knockback
    • Aurous Charge: Verification Needed
    • Nullifying Rain: AoE or conal mass Dispel (3~5 buffs) and damage
    • Noyade: Conal Silence and places a stationary pool of poison on the target (300+ HP per tick while in the pool)
    • Cesspool: AoE HP Down
  • Since Dhokmak is extremely susceptible to gravity and does not appear to build resistance, a viable strategy is to kite him around the room and nuke him with thunder magic.



Game Description

Mission Orders
Rosulatia has bequeathed upon you the ability to conquer Dhokmak and Ashrakk. Head with Morimar and Darrcuiln to Cirdas Caverns and Yorcia Weald and do just that.