Mission Name Yggdrasil Beckons
Number 5-2
Title Granted Vanquisher of Ashrakk
Vanquisher of Dhokmak
Items Needed KeyItemSky blue pome
KeyItemSun yellow pome
Reward KeyItemAshraak's Blood Sigil
KeyItemDhokmak's Blood Sigil
Repeatable No
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A Portent Most Ominous Returning to the Trees


  • This mission splits into two paths, with two BCNM fights. You can complete these in either order.
  • Both NMs only need to be brought down to around 10% HP to win.

Yorcia Weald

  • Go to the southeastern section of (H-6) in Yorcia Weald and click the Wavering Flux for a cutscene. (Directly West and a bit South of the I/H-6 Reive, near some Opo-Opos)
    • This is close to Biv #1 and only a little further from the Frontier Station if you only have that waypoint.
  • After the cutscene, click the Wavering Flux again to enter a battlefield in Yorcia Weald (U) against Ashraak, a Xol.
    • Your KeyItemSky blue pome is lost upon entry. If you lose the fight, return to the aged stump in Leafallia to get a new one


Cirdas Caverns


  • Buffs wear on entry.
  • You are assisted in this battle by Darrcuiln. If he is defeated, the battle is automatically lost.
  • Alter egos can be summoned in this fight.
  • Dhokmak is assisted by 3 Malignant Acuexes.
  • Malignant Acuexes Special Attacks:
    • Foul Waters: Water Damage, Drown, Weight
    • Deadening Haze: AoE damage, Silence, and a Poison Aura
    • Pestilent Plume: Plague, Blind, and Magic Defense Down
  • The Malignant Acuexes are susceptible to all enfeebling magic including bind, gravity, and sleep.
  • The Malignant Acuexes are weak against elemental magic: particularly ice.
  • Dhokmak does not use normal melee auto attack rounds. Instead, he uses a TP attack every 3~5 seconds if his current target is in range that consumes all shadows. If his current target is not in range, he uses a ranged attack every 3~5 seconds that inflicts a weak poison on the target (<50 HP/tic) and ignores shadows.
  • Special Attacks:
    • Fetid Eddies: AoE Gravity and knockback
    • Aurous Charge: Exclamation
    • Nullifying Rain: AoE or conal mass Dispel (3~5 buffs) and damage
    • Noyade: Conal Silence and places a stationary pool of poison on the target (300+ HP per tick while in the pool)
    • Cesspool: AoE HP Down
  • Since Dhokmak is extremely susceptible to gravity and does not appear to build resistance, a viable strategy is to kite him around the room and nuke him with thunder magic.



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