Mission Name Yggdrasil
Number 2-7-3
Repeatable No
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The Leafkin Monarch Return of the Exorcist
Replay Cutscenes
Yggdrasil Maudilyonne Eastern Adoulin (G-6)


  • Talk to Levil inside the Pioneers' Coalition for a cutscene that completes this mission and begins the next.
    • It is necessary to wait until the next game day after completing the previous mission.
    • If Levil does not give you a cutscene, you will need to expend Imprimatur's doing Coalition Assignments.
    • You must have at least Reputation level 5 in Adoulin to get the cutscene.

Difficulty - NPC Levil

  • As of 1/8/21, I was able to complete this mission with level 3 fame. At first I was not able to receive the CS. After spending my 15 Imprimaturs I had in stock Levil finally gave me the CS.
  • As of 5-4-20 the situation with this mission is as follows: Max Adoulin City Fame with no less than 15 Imprimaturs has yet to grant the fabled cutscene from Levil - will update when achieved.
  • Things may have changed because the below information regarding Fame/Coalition Rank seems to be out-dated. As of 11/12/19 I received the cutscene with Level 3 Rep and Disciple Rank w/Couriers. ~Yzerman, Bahamut.
  • It has been reported that fame 5 in Adoulin with 41 Imprimaturs used did not give a cutscene, but after doing another Coalition Assignment where 3 Imprimaturs were used, the cutscene occurred.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Arciela's elder brother, Ygnas, has fallen victim to a curse and transformed into a leafkin. Though unable to communicate with anyone but his sister and you, he tells of the World Tree Yggdrasil and the danger facing Ulbuka.