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Yek Falimeygo
Crafter Points Administrator


Administrates Crafter Points for items used to upgrade Escutcheons. Also sells Crafting Kits.

65535.png Guild Merchant

Item Price Item req'd on prev. day
08893.png Alchemy Kit 25 Alchemy kit 25.png 960 gil 09466.png Alchemy Set 25 [[File:]]
08897.png Alchemy Kit 45 Alchemy Kit 45.png 3,180 gil 09467.png Alchemy Set 45 [[File:]]
08901.png Alchemy Kit 65 ExclusiveAlchemy kit 65.png 7,110 gil 09468.png Alchemy Set 65 [[File:]]
08902.png Alchemy Kit 70 ExclusiveAlchemy kit 70.png 8,340 gil 09469.png Alchemy Set 70 [[File:]]
09514.png Alchemy Kit 75 ExclusiveAlchemy Kit 75.png 9,918 gil 09470.png Alchemy Set 75 [[File:]]
09515.png Alchemy Kit 80 ExclusiveAlchemy Kit 80.png 12,108 gil 09471.png Alchemy Set 80 [[File:]]
09516.png Alchemy Kit 85 Exclusive[[File:]] 15,006 gil 09472.png Alchemy Set 85 [[File:]]
09517.png Alchemy Kit 90 Exclusive[[File:]] 18,300 gil 09473.png Alchemy Set 90 [[File:]]
09518.png Alchemy Kit 95 Exclusive[[File:]] 22,590 gil 09473.png Alchemy Set 95 [[File:]]
  • Will only stock Crafting Kits for which the respective Crafting Sets have been previously exchanged for Crafter Points by players on the server. Quantities available are listed when purchasing and decrease when bought, but are refreshed after 10:00 on the next Vana'diel day dependent on the number of Leathercraft Sets received.
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