The Yagudo Theomilitary is the name of the military force operating out of Castle Oztroja, a sect of fanatical beastmen. This chapter of implacable Yagudo blademasters have traveled to Castle Oztroja from the Far East with the permission of Tzee Xicu the Manifest, wielding massive nodachi in their role as bodyguards and sentries.

During the Crystal War, the Theomilitary were pressed into service in the Shadow Lord's armies. They actively engaged in campaigns on the Mindartia theater, with many powerful and deadly commanders leading their forces.

The Resolute

The Yagudo Theomilitary maintained ten regular forces, consisting of two ninja squads, two samurai squads, one monk squad, two summoner squads, one war choral unit, one white mage squadron, and one black mage battery. In addition, the Theomilitary maintained an engineer corps, a physician unit on loan from the Dark Kindred, and trained War Lynxes for combat.

Yagudo Theomilitary Forces

Yagudo Theomilitary
Commander Regulars Notes
Vee Qiqa the DecreerDivine Templar
Moo Ouzi the SwiftbladeDivine Disseminator
  • Yagudo Samurai
  • Moo Ouzi has infinite TP and will constantly use TP moves throughout the entire battle.
  • Eligible to reinforce the Dark Kindred's forces in the Northlands under correct conditions.
Muu Buxu the ElusiveDivine Assassin
Dee Xalmo the GrimDivine Ascetic
Kazan the PeerlessPlenilune Ronin
Vuu Puqu the BeguilerDivine Inspirer
Yuu Mjuu the AwakenedDivine Sentinel
Vaa Oozu the RedolentDivine Inciter
Yaa Haqa the PiousDivine Liturgist
Vee Seju the ConsumedDivine Martyr
N/ADivine Pilgrim
  • Yagudo auxiliary unit that performs supply runs and sabotage.
Confederate BelfryYagudo Genja
  • Yagudo Ninjas
  • Emerges from a Confederate Belfry in Windurst-controlled areas.
  • Uses Shirahadori.
Yagudo TurretWar Lynx
  • Siege Turret that appears in the battlefield once a sufficient technology level is attained.
  • It heavily attacks fortifications and surrounding players and NPCs.
  • Spawns War Lynxes as reinforcements.
Confederate ManteletN/A
  • Appears in Campaign battles in any Yagudo held territory. Every beastmen standing by a Mantelet will gain Regen, Refresh and Regain (3/tick for each) until stepping away from it.
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