Mission Name Written in the Stars
Number 3-2
Start NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Items Needed Depending on mission completion,
3 Rusty Daggers see below
Reward Rank points
Ability to obtain the Key ItemPortal Charm
Repeatable Yes
← Previous Mission Next Mission →
To Each His Own Right A New Journey
Replay Cutscenes
Written in the Stars Mashua Heavens Tower
Written in the Stars Goblin Footprint Inner Horutoto Ruins, Lily Tower (I-7)


Accept the Mission

  • Trading 1 crystal to a Windurstian Conquest Overseer will unlock this mission after completing the previous mission.
  • This mission may be skipped by turning in a total of 3 crystals since gaining rank 3; however, if this mission is not done, you will not obtain the Key Item Portal Charm. You may, however, skip this mission and complete The Final Seal, then accept this mission, and Ropopo will ask for the Rusty Daggers instead of having you click the Gate of Light.
  • Accept the Mission from the Gate Guard and then go to Heavens Tower.
  • Head up to the second floor and talk to Zubaba to get a necessary Key Item Charm of Light.

Reach the Gate of Light

via The Three Mage Gate

Composite map to the Three Mage Gate

  • Sources of Sneak (Status Effect) and Invisible (Status Effect) will be required past the gate to avoid the high level monsters along the route.
  • Gather a group that includes a Black Mage, White Mage, and Red Mage.
  • Head out to the entrance to Lily Tower in East Sarutabaruta (J-7).
  • Go to the small room at (G-8) and through the Cracked Wall on the north side of the room.
  • Make your way to (E-10) and go through the Magical Gate of Horutoto there.
  • Continue straight west to a Cracked Door at (D-10) and go through to the next area.
  • Follow the path to the large room at (H-9). You'll find the Sealed Portal on the north side of the room. In front of this door are 3 circles on the floor - a whitish one, blackish one, and reddish one. This is the Three Mage Gate.
  • To open the gate have your Black Mage stand on the dark circle, White Mage on the light one, and Red Mage on the reddish one. They will begin to glow and the door will open. If you brought someone who has the Key ItemPortal Charm, they just need to click on the door to open it.
  • Everyone needs to head through quickly - when the door closes, that's it. It cannot be re-opened from the inside.
  • Follow this passage a few steps to a round room with two hallways - one to the north-east, and one to the north-west. It doesn't matter which one you take - they'll both lead to the same place. They look like dead ends, but they're just false walls. Walk right through the wall at the end of the tunnel to find yourself in a room full of Wendigos and Battle Bats. This is Rose Tower, Map 2.

via Toraimarai Canal

Toraimarai Canal Map 2

Toraimarai Canal Map 1

  • There is a Survival Guide at (F-5) near the zone line to Horutoto Ruins. If you have previously activated it the trip to Rose Tower, Map 2 in Inner Horutoto Ruins takes mere seconds.
  • If you have started the quest Toraimarai Turmoil, you can enter Toraimarai Canal from Windurst Walls and go behind the gate that way. You will need Sneak the entire route.
    • Enter Toraimarai Canal from the Priming Gate at Windurst Walls (H-3).
    • Follow the path and take the west path from the fork at (H-7). Head down the stairs into the water at (G-7) and continue west.
    • Turn north, then west at (G-6) to reach Map 1 of Toraimarai Canal.
    • Turn north at (J-7), then continue West until the path forks.
    • Turn south, go up the stairs at (H-7) to reach dry ground and then head north.
    • Cross the small footbridge to reach the eastern side of the dry ground, then follow the path until it leads you to Inner Horutoto Ruins at (F-6). The Survival Guide is nearby at (F-5) so be sure to activate it.
  • You should now be in Rose Tower, Map 2, behind the Three Mage Gate.

At the Gate of Light

Rose Tower, Map 2

  • Once inside Rose Tower, Map 2, head over to the small room in (G-7) (west side, north room) and click on the Gate of Light for a cutscene.
  • You can now safely warp home or return via one of a few options:
    • You can get back to the Three Mage Gate by walking into the glowing light on the platform in the east room at H-6. From here you can make your way back through the ruins the same way you came.
    • You can also head into Toraimarai Canal. If you follow the hallway there will be a Grounds Tome and a Survival Guide to help you return to Windurst.

Finishing Up

Rusty Daggers

Game Description

Mission Orders
On the command of Zubaba, the head lady-in-waiting, you are to journey beneath the central magic tower of the Horutoto Ruins. There, you are to report to the facility managed by Heavens Tower, which protects the talisman that seals Castle Zvahl. Render whatever assistance is necessary.