As of March 8, 2007, World Passes are no longer needed or valid. However, Gold World Passes for the Vana'diel Adventurer Recruitment Program can still be bought and used.


Gamimi, World Pass Merchant

A World Pass is a ten-digit number used to assign your new character to one of the 32 available Worlds commonly referred to as Servers. A World Pass is obtained via purchased from one of three NPCs known as a World Pass Merchant which each occupy one of the three starting nations.

World Pass Merchants are located in each major nation as follows:

Upon purchasing a World Pass, the player receives a ten-digit number representing it. This number may be used to create up to five new characters and will expire in one Earth week (displayed by the merchant as number of hours) from date of purchase.

The amount of gil required to purchase a World Pass is determined by the number of active players on the server and the number of World Passes that have recently expired without use.

World Passes with unused character slots are often posted to server-specific forums as a matter of courtesy. Donations for this practice (in gil) are sometimes requested.

World Passes may only be used with new characters. There is currently no way to transfer an existing character to another server using a World Pass.

However, one can now request a server transfer through Playonline Viewer. There is a fee associated with this and you must remain at your new server for a minimum of 90 days before requesting another server change.

Players who already have at least one character on a server may create additional characters on that server without using a World Pass, provided the new character is created in the same PlayOnline ID.


You do not need a World Pass if you are creating additional characters on the same server as your first character. Any new characters that you create, whether for storage, additional Auction House slots, or just to try out something different, will land, by default, on the same World as your first character.

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