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Okie here how i got to 60 woorworking A.K.A License to print gil

All Wind and Earth Crystals i farmed in Maze of Shakrami theres an area by a bunch of scorpions where 2 Elementals Spawn every 10 min or so

Make sure to get your Lumberjack Abilty as soon as you can

Arrowwood Lumber (1-2)

Wind Crystal
Arrowwood Log

Maple Lumber (1-5)

Wind Crystal
Maple Log

Buy the Maple Logs from vendor in Port Windurst,a Mithra by exit to outside.The Woodworkers guild is camped for these so none are ever in stock

Ash Lumber (5-8)

Wind Crystal
Ash Log

Buy these from vendors in airship port if you have airship pass they are super cheap

Bronze Bolts (8-15)

Earth Crystal
Bronze Bolt Head + Ash Lumber

Maple Sugar (15-21)

Lightning Crystal
Maple log

sell these in windy youll make tons

Silver Arrows (21-30)

Earth Crystal
Ash Lumber + Silver Arrowheads + Yagudo Fletchlings

well these are what woodworking is..... TONS of arrows but youll make good money =) and remember buy fletchlings in windy

Beetle Arrow (30-39)

Earth Crystal
Arrowwood Lumber + Chocobo Fletchling + Beetle Arrowhead

make your own arrowwood lumber get it from vendor good money here arrowheads are usually 3k a stack. Also its a good idea to make your own chocobo Fletchlings because its a low level synth and saves you a little money
Your gonna Break alot for first few levels just get Guild Support and youll still make money

Fang Arrows (39-42)

Earth Crystal
Arrowwood Lumber + Yagudo Fletchling + Fang Arrowhead

Buy fletchlings and arrowheads in windy

Horn Arrows (42-49)

Earth Crystal
Arrowwood Lumber + Bird Fletchlings + Horn Arrowheads

Scoripion Arrows (49-59)

Earth Crystal
Arrowwood Lumber + Insect Fletchlings + Scorpion Arrowheads

Cannot Quiver these =/

Tarutaru Fishing Rod (59-65)

Wind Crystal
Silk Thread + Walnut Lumber

Farm the silk thread and make your own lumber from vendor in Carpenters Landing. I usually make 2 stacks and sell 1 on AH and get my money back from those. After you synth these Vendor them for 1100 each and if you farmed everything youll make a good profit off these

I hope this guide helps everyone

Author : Izaacha