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Woodworking guide by Ayrlie last update: November 2011

You will need 3 major components in leveling woodworking: wind crystals, earth crystals, and lumber. The lumber can range from the common ash and arrowwood to the rare bloodwood and divine. Woodworking is used to make ammo, certain jug pets, and shiheis.

Cap out all available inventory space that you got, logs don't stack and its not always possible to quiver the ammo.

Early levels

0-2 Arrowwood Lumber

Wind Crystal + Arrowwood Log

You will be making tons of them for ammo.

2-8 Ash Lumber

Wind Crystal + Ash Log

You will need a lot of these for the bolt part.

The Ammo Crafting mode

8-16 Acid/Venon/Bloody/Blind/Sleep Bolts

Earth Crystal + Ash Lumber + _____ bolt head

This part of the craft is profitable. Acid and Bloody Bolts will sell at the AH.

16-21 Maple Sugar

Lightning Crystal + Maple Log

Make sure someone controls the Fauregandi Region before trying to skill up on this, as maple logs are available from the regional vendor. Sell the sugar if San d'Oria is 3rd in conquest.

21-29 Shihei

Wind Crystal + Bast Parchment x2 + Black Ink

Sell on AH in toolbags if possible.

29-31 Book Holder

Earth Crystal + Lauan Lumber + Holly Lumber

This is a bridge synth for the next step. NPC these for a loss.

31-39 Beetle Arrows

Earth Crystal + Beetle Arrowheads + Insect Fletchings + Arrowwood Lumber

Quiver these and sell on AH. These do not move as fast as they used to but they still sell for a profit.

39-44 Flower stand

Earth Crystal + yew Lumber + Lauan Lumber

This is a bridge synth for Horn Arrows. Stop at 41 or 42.

41-49 Horn Arrows

Earth Crystal + Arrowwood Lumber + Horn Arrowhead + Bird Fletchlings

Quiver these and sell.

49-59 Scorpion Arrows

Earth Crystal + Arrowwood Lumber + Scorpion Arrowheads + Insect Fletchligns

Sell on the AH. Start crafting on lightsday and with advance support.

59-61 Chest

Earth Crystal + Lauan Lumber x2 + Rattan Lumber x3

Make sure the Elshimo Regions are under control of any nation to make it easier to get Rattan Lumber.

61-69 Demon Arrows

Earth Crystal + Blk. Chocobo Fletchlings + Demon Arrowheads + Arrowwood Lumber

Quiver and sell. These make a profit but don't move as fast.

Major money sink

The next several levels are nothing but a money sink. Unless you know buddies that dig the jungles you are going to blow your profits from the ammo making stage considerably.

69-72 Anicent Lumber

Wind Crystal + Petrified Log

Save your lumber to craft guild point items.

72-75 Ice Staff

Wind Crystal + Ebony Lumber + Ice Bead

Since Abyssea came out, the Ice Bead prices dropped to 2k a pop. With the cost of Ebony around 5k per lumber, and the NPC sell price at 7250 gil, you should break even barring breaks. I even got a pair of fluke HQs while skilling this item.

75-77 Clothespole

Wind Crystal + Mahogany Lumber + Silk Thread

Desynth these results to get your materials back.

77-81 Marid Arrow

Earth Crystal + Dogwood Lumber + Marid Arrowheads + Apkallu Fletchlings

The lumber is hard to find, does not appear on the AH frequently. You should be able to HQ the log to lumber decently, however. These arrows are at a complete loss. These do not quiver, and arrows NPC at 7 gil each (roughly 700 gil per stack). However, they can be used as a bridge cause the arrowheads and fletchlings are cheap to make if you know your high level bonecrafting and clothcrafting friends.

Back to Lumber

Plan on spending at least 3k gil per synth, with most of it being at a loss. The only saving grace to abyssea is that it made crafting a lot less painful on your pocketbook, but it is difficult to find profit at this stage. Plan on spending a lot of time farming your wind crystals, you will need tons of them.

If you want, invest in Kitron Macraron and pray for the Artisan Advantage kupower to be active. You will need both. You will probably spend at least 1M gil even to get from 75 to 100. Having inventory space is crucial as none of the logs stack.

75-80 Beech Lumber

Wind Crystal + Beech Log

Given the sell rate of these logs and the NPC buy back price, this is just a slight loss on my server (but can also lead to profit on some servers as these logs can be found on the AH as low as 1000 gil each). You can also bazaar them in upper jeuno to let the synergy people buy them up (often at a profit though the turnover is not that high). Beech logs are easier to find than dogwood, however, and it is not uncommon to see 20 to 30 logs turn up on the AH at any given time.

80-85 Teak Lumber

Wind Crystal + Teak Log

Teak Logs are cheap, and you can log them in East Ronfaure [S] easily. Stockpile all Jacaranda Logs that you find during this time, as you will need them for later. These don't show up on the AH frequently, though. (On my server, these logs often sell for 4k a pop and sell to the NPC for 2040 gil which makes this a total loss, but the loss from Teak Logs don't compare to the other synths in this level range.)

85-91 Lacquer Tree Lumber

Wind Crystal + Lacquer Tree Log

At least these logs drop off morbols in the jungle. Even so, the drop rates simply suck.

85-92 Divine Lumber

Wind Crystal + Divine Log

Due to Abyssea, these logs only go for 5k a pop and are in demand for various cursed items. These sell to the NPC for 3500 gil each. However, you will probably be selling these to the NPC depending on server demand.

86-95 Bloodwood Lumber

Wind Crystal + Bloodwood Log

Bloodwood is just as cheap as Beech and more available than Teak and Divine Logs. These logs will break even on the AH or even make you a profit. However, sell these on the AH as singles.

90-97 Kapor Lumber

Wind Crystal + Kapor Log

If you intend to spend some gil, Kapor Lumber at least is a good option (and only at 5k a pop too), just save the lumber for later. This one is obtained through logging the jungles, so there is an alternative of spending gil.

95-97 Divine Sap

Water Crystal + Divine Log

Sell this to npc. You will lose some money in the process.

97-103 Jacaranda Lumber

Wind Crystal + Jacaranda Log

Camp the AH patiently or go logging in Jugner Forest [S] or East Ronfaure [S]. Logs sell on the AH for 10k each. Save the lumber.

103-106 - Isula Sideboard

Earth Crystal + Gold Ingot + Jacaranda Lumber x5

The fact it takes 5 lumbers is going to hurt, but at least it takes only one other item even though its a gold ingot. The other options are too expensive to attempt right now.

106-108 Flete Pole

Wind Crystal + Kapor Lumber x 2 + Scintilliant Ingot

The ingot is the worst part of the synth, at 150k a pop. Wait for Artisan Advantage to come up as a kupower and use the crafting food, as you're talking 3M per level. This also requires a goldsmithing sub of 60+. This item sells at a big loss.

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