Start NPC Jatan-Paratan - Windurst Waters North (F-10)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 5
Items Needed Rosewood Lumber
Title Granted Down Piper Pipe-upperer
Repeatable No
Reward Faerie Piccolo


  • Upon talking to Yuli Yaam and Yung Yaam you will find that they have been worried about Jatan-Paratan lately.
  • Talk to Jatan-Paratan and he'll ask you how you feel about his music. Answer his question. It may take several answers until he will start to talk about the tavern and ask you your opinion. Saying that you don't recall the music (the last possible answer) and then talking to him again should start him talking about the tavern. The quest should now enter your log.
  • When he asks your opinion on the tavern, talk to Aramu-Paramu, and he will also express his worries about Jatan-Paratan.
  • You must seek out the bearded man mentioned: Ruslan in the Merry Minstrel Meadhouse in Lower Jeuno. Chat with him and he tells you to give a Rosewood Lumber to Jatan-Paratan.
  • Trade a Rosewood Lumber to Jatan-Paratan for a cutscene and your reward.

Game Description

Jatan-Paratan (Timbre Timbers, Windurst Waters)
The flutist Jatan-Paratan, who plays at the tavern, has lost his swing and now blows. It sounds as though a Hume bard who visited him lately is to blame, or maybe it's just a case of "bard luck"...?
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