Mission Name Wisdom of Our Forefathers
Number 2-6-6
Requirements ZM4: The Temple of Uggalepih complete
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The Cursed Temple Where Divinities Collide
Replay Cutscenes


  • Final portion of The Cursed Temple: head to J-6 on Map 1 of the Temple of Uggalepih, and take the path hidden on the in-game map. Exit to Yhoator Jungle to be on the balcony of the temple. Take a hard right (no stairs needed) to loop back into a different hallway, allowing you to reenter the temple through the other door available on this balcony. Then proceed to the Granite Door at (J-6) on Map 3[1] in the temple. Examine it for a scene with Tenzen, Iroha, Grav'iton. This completes both The Cursed Temple and Wisdom of Our Forefathers, and flags Where Divinities Collide.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Grav'iton, one of the few surviving Kuluu, has offered to guide you. Examine the granite door to see what she has to say.