There was once a war that shook the very foundations of Vana'diel.

It was a dark and dreadful age.

The lives of many were lost.

The futures of many were destroyed. The joys of many were extinguished.

However, there are those from that age who remember...

They remember the hope that burned in the darkness.

The companions that banded together.

The heroes that strove onwards.

The rivals that joined forces.

And now history is reborn, as we return to that age of strife...


[Royal Knights of San d'Oria: The Young Griffons]
An order formed in secret by the children of the San d'Orian nobles. Their original and unexpected strategies often prove more effective than those of their adult peers.


[The Orcish Hosts: Imperial Enforcers]
These elite troops deployed from the Orcish Empire are fitted with ingenious Goblin-forged armor

[The Quadav Shield-Warriors: Heavy Armored Division]
This division of Quadav footsoldiers wears incredibly thick steel armor to protect them against the powerful firearms of the Bastokan Republic Army.

[The Yagudo Theomilitary: The Resolute]
This chapter of implacable Yagudo blademasters has traveled to Castle Oztroja from the Far East with the permission of Tzee Xicu the Manifest. They wield massive nodachi in their role as bodyguards and sentries.

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