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Known as the 'Mithran District', this area contains the residences of several of the Mithran leaders, as well as the world famous Dhalmel Farm, the Manustery, Chocobo Stables, several Guilds, an Auction House and even the San d'Orian Consulate!

The residences and other buildings here mainly follow the wooden construction that seems to have been adopted in the post-war era. Perhaps there is some reticence remaining that prevents the current architects from adopting more solid structures? Who knows? One fact which holds true: many of the internal doors in the buildings are designed for Tarutaru height only, which indicates that, despite having been present for over 30 years, the Mithrans are still not accepted as members of the general society!

The structures themselves are somewhat reminiscent of a jungle setting though, the floors being raised above the ground level to prevent the entrance of ground-crawling serpents, scorpions and spiders, so perhaps the Mithran culture is starting to take hold! The stone built structures, on the other hand, are firmly planted on the ground and show the pre-war designs for this community in their flamboyance and grace.

Windurst Woods

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