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Zone Information
Area Name Windurst Waters [S]
Type City
Maps Windurst-Waters-North-S Windurst-Waters-South-S
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Ffxi gld 01
Region The Sarutabaruta Front
Expansion Wings of the Goddess
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "Stargazing"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

A massive offensive during the Crystal War by the Yagudo left Windurst in ruins, Windurst Walls was submerged and Port Windurst was decimated, leaving only a section of Windurst Waters for operational use. It was from here on the huntsman's court outside the Optistery that the Windurstian forces rallied and drove back the Beastmen.

Windurst Waters S cover

West Sarutabaruta [S] at (F-4)
Home Point #1: (G-7)

Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
A Feast for Gnats Storyline Robel-Akbel    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
A Manifest Problem Storyline Rotih Moalghett    Fort Karugo-Narugo [S] I-8 inside
Healing Herbs General N. Rhinostery Door    Windurst Waters [S] J-8 South
Howl from the Heavens Storyline Robel-Akbel    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
Knot Quite There Storyline Acolyte Hostel Door    Windurst Waters [S] K-5 North
Redeeming Rocks General Kocco Ehllek    Windurst Waters [S] H-8 South
Say It with a Handbag General Hampu-Kampu    Windurst Waters [S] J-8 South
Sins of the Mothers Storyline Lehko Habhoka    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
Snake on the Plains Campaign Sign-up Miah Riyuh    Windurst Waters [S] H-9 North
The Dawn of Delectability General Ranpi-Monpi (S)    Windurst Waters [S] E-9 North
The Forbidden Path Storyline Lehko Habhoka    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
The Lost Book Spell S. Rhinostery Door    Windurst Waters [S] J-9 South
The Long March North Storyline Robel-Akbel    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
The Tigress Stirs Storyline Dhea Prandoleh    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
The Tigress Strikes Storyline Dhea Prandoleh    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
The Young and the Threadless General Ponono    Windurst Waters [S] K-11 North
When One Man Is Not Enough Storyline Dhea Prandoleh    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
Mission Nation Starter Location
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Other Information

Fish Cap Body of Water
7 Canals
Moat Carp
Gold Carp
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Leggings
Rusty Subligar

Fishing Maps

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Adjutant North (F-9)
Aihn Sowlmirih North (F-8)
Ajen-Myoojen North (G-5)
Amfafa South (I-8)
Ampiro-Mapiro North (K-6)
Aystise North (F-9)
Cattah Pamjah North (G-10) Title Changer
Chays-Ratays South (I-8)
Chioh Remhrll North (F-9)
Churacoco North (F-10)
Corbrere North (F-9)
Dallus-Mallus North (G-10) Campaign Intel Advisor
Dhea Prandoleh North (H-10)
Eih Lhogotan North (G-8)
Ekki-Mokki North (G-9)
Emhi Tchaoryo North (H-9) Campaign Ops Overseer
Ezura-Romazura South (H-8) Standard Merchant
Gevarg North (F-5) Past Event Watcher
Khea Mhyyih North (F-9)
Kleh Engyumoh North (F-9)
Kolin-Olin North (H-9)
Kocco Ehllek South (H-8) Quest Giver
Kopol-Rapol North (K-6)
Koton-Llaton South (K-8)
Kuron-Makaron North (H-10) Morale Manager
Kristen North (H-9)
Llewellyn North (G-9) Campaign Evaluator
Lutete North (L-10)
Mearuru North (K-6)
Miah Riyuh North (H-9)
Mikhe Aryohcha North (F-10)
Mindala-Andola, C.C. North (G-5) Sigil Giver
Mhoti Pyiahrs North (H-10) Changes Allegiance
Narito-Pettito North (F-8)
Name Location Type
Nhel Urhahn North (F-9)
Ozzmo-Mazmo North (F-8)
Pahpe Rauulih North (G-9)
Parukoko South (I-6)
Pebul-Tabul North (F-10)
Pelftrix North (K-11) Standard Merchant
Pelsey-Holsey North (K-5)
Pettette North (L-11)
Pihra Rhebenslo North (L-11) Armor Storer
Pogigi (G-9) Sealed Container Collector
Ponono North (K-11)
Prucco-Lurucco North (K-7)
Quartermaster North (F-9)
Ragyaya North (E-9)
Rakh Mhappyoh North (F-9)
Rakih Lyhall North (F-9)
Ranpi-Monpi North (E-9)
Ranna-Brunna North (K-5)
Ransnana North (G-7)
Renten-Tonten North (K-6)
Rohn Ehlbalna North (F-9)
Romaa Mihgo North (G-11)
Ruirara South (G-8)
Sahnn Dhansett North (J-9)
Scotwick North (K-10) Allied Notes Notorious Monsters
Soimin-Oimin, C.C. North (F-5) Steel Resolve Campaign Op; Retrace
Tahl Mhioguch North (F-8)
Tohs Jhannih North (F-8)
Upital-Lupital North (F-7)
Uricca-Koricca North (E-9)
Wenonah, C.A. North (G-10) Campaign Arbiter
Yasmina North (G-5) Chocobo Renter
Yassi-Possi North (K-11) Item Deliverer
Velda-Galda North (K-9) Mission NPC

Event Monsters Found Here

Campaign: Federal Forces of Windurst, Yagudo Theomilitary, Dark Kindred


  • Area is a possible target for Campaign if Windurst loses control of all other areas to the Beastman Confederate.