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The 'Political District', this vast area surrounds Heavens Tower and consists of a series of small islands linked by wooden walkways. Examination of the waters below reveals the remnants of the original stonebuilt bridges which once made travel possible here. Home to some of the finer residences in Windurst, this area displays the old architecture and the new with equal aplomb, and features doorways low enough to give any race that is not Tarutaru a severe headache!

The boardwalks, which were installed following the Crystal War era, appear temporary in nature, in stark contrast with the solidity of the homes and residences in this area. Most of the homes follow a standard mold, providing large, spacious living accommodation, and Taru-sized doors at the rear leading into the private areas. A notable exception is the Consulate of Jeuno, which follows the architecture more commonly found in other parts of the known world for such structures.

The auction house is of the same design and structure as the one found in Windurst Woods and provides all of the expected services including the standard Windurstian warp-Taru on the roof! One oddity about this area is the heavy gate and Cardian guard giving access to the Toramarai Canal - the only other city with such easy access to a high level levelling area of this type is San d'Oria with it's Bostaunieux Oubliette access. Zehruhn Mines and Qufim Island hardly qualify in this aspect!

Windurst Walls

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