Job Ability

  • Increases the area of effect for geomancy spells.
  • Obtained: Geomancer Level 96
  • Recast Time: 1:00:00
  • Duration: 60 seconds


  • Any geocolure spells still active at the time this JA is used, will NOT get the widened effect. It will only work on spells that are casted while this JA is active.
  • Widened Compass is not consumed after an Indi-spell is casted. It will remain active till its duration ends.
  • Doubles the range of the normal Indi-spell (around 12,4').
  • The Indi-spell enhanced by this ability wont lose its extended range after Widened Compass wears off.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Widened Compass" <me>
  • Since Widened Compass is a one hour special, some people prefer not to make a macro for it to prevent unintentional activation.