What is widescan?

Wide Scan is a unique ability for Beastmaster and Ranger jobs that allows you to see all targets in an area around you. This area gets larger every certain amount of levels, and has some interesting features!

Accessing Widescan

You get this ability at level 1 Beastmaster and Ranger. Simply go to your Map menu, you will see a new "Widescan" button now appears under the "Markers" button! Clicking this will bring up a list of every single monster in your Widescan's range, and show their locations with little red dots on the map.

Then scrolling to each monster on the list will display crosshairs on the map telling you exactly which red dot is that specific monster.

(I said every single monster because if there are 4 mandragoras in your range, Mandragora will appear in the list 4 times)

Using Tracking

So now you can see some monsters in your area! "Ok, I want to hunt down this one Mandragora" Once you have that Mandragora highlighted on the list, hitting Enter will have the option to "Track" it! After chosing this and exiting the map menu, you will see a small blue arrow on your compass pointing you in the direction of that one Mandragora.

Why is this useful? Well, instead of sitting there and trying to figure out "Ok, where am I on this map? And which way is that beast compared to me?" you can just have the compass point you to it.

This becomes most handy when you're in a hurry (like hunting NM's or in a big fight) and you don't have the time to figure out which direction it is. With practice you can spot a beast, stick a track on it, and get to it in no time!

Once you're tracking a mob on Widescan, you can use the <scan> designation in commands and macros.

For example, as a Beastmaster you can use:

/pet "Fight" <scan>

Remote Scan! The Big Mystery!!!

Inside the Widescan interface is an unexplained sub-option called Remote Scan. I must admit even I couldn't figure this one out for a long time! But here's why most people can't: You really don't use this until much higher level!

Imagine, by the time you're level 60, your widescan area will be gigantic *drool* ... but wait! That's an awful lot of monsters on your list now! What if you're only interested in the beasts around this one tree? Remote Scan to the rescue!

Remote Scan simply focuses in on a smaller circular area anywhere you choose within your Widescan range, And only displays what's in that small area. Simple!

Note that the Remote Scan radius stays constant even when the map is zoomed in out out. You can use this to change the area covered by your remote scan.

Widescan Does' and Doesn't's

  • Widescan DOESN'T automatically refresh, you must exit the map and reload for an updated view.
  • Widescan DOESN'T automatically set up tracking on one species of beast, Tracking is set up manually for each single target.
  • Widescan DOESN'T track more than one target at once.
  • Widescan DOESN'T show any details on targets other than the name, and location on the map.
  • Widescan DOESN'T will not state if a monster is claimed or not.
  • Widescan DOESN'T find Treasure chests, Mining points, Logging points, "???"'s etc....

  • Widescan DOES grow, every 20 levels for both Ranger and Beastmaster.
  • Widescan DOES show Notorious Monsters, any monster or NPC character (even in town!). (note: NPC will be always at the bottom of the list - with or not Remote Scan - and most Notorious Monster will be just above NPC)
  • Widescan DOES still work with Beastmaster or Ranger as a subjob!
  • Widescan DOES work in town, displaying all NPC's in range.
  • Widescan DOES still work when you have no map of an area! (note: if you don't have the map, Remote Scan doesn't work!)


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