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Introductory Notes

Please take the following notes into consideration:

  • This list is not inclusive of everything a White Mage can equip. It attempts to recommend equipment which most benefits the White Mage's priority stats of MP and Mind or that reduces enmity (hate).
  • Items link to HQ {high quality, +1/+2) versions, however you can always use the NQ (normal quality)item.
  • Items specific to a melee setup or for solo play are not listed, with the exception of weapons and a single piece of armor, the Reverend Mail.
  • As a mage, spells take priority over equipment. You can go a lot longer without upgrading equipment than a melee or a tank job can. You don't have to upgrade at every point, but it will help to increase your stats.
  • Shields can be used with clubs (or by themselves), but grips may only be used with staves.
  • The 'Range' slot is best left empty to use stat boosting items in the 'Ammo' slot.
  • Until level 51 (when you can equip elemental staves) wands will be used mostly for their status boosting attributes. Hammers generally have heavier damage potential than wands.
  • Higher level items do not always mean they are better. Refer to previous items in that group to compare them.
  • Regarding LV51 Elemental Staves: They can be used in macros in the following ways to benefit play: Light/Apollo's Staff for Cure Macros, Dark/Pluto's Staff for hMP Resting & Blind (/BLM) Macros, Earth/Terra's Staff for Slow Macro, Ice/Aquilo's Staff for Paralyze Macro, Wind/Auster's Staff for Silence, Invisible, & Sneak Macros.
  • Regarding Amity Cape and Peace Cape: These are used to craft a sought after Errant Cape, which is an endgame piece. The Amity Cape is used to craft the Peace Cape. The Peace Cape is used to craft the Errant Cape, however the Peace Cape +1 can't be used as a crafting material due to it's +1 suffix.
  • Regarding LV50 and LV70 Waist stones/ropes and LV55 Earrings as well as some other pieces of armor: They are race specific. Be sure to check to make sure that your race can equip the item first.
  • Regarding Korin Obi: The Korin Obi can really benefit your cures on Lightsday, in Temenos with constant double light weather, or under the effect of the Scholar magic spell Aurorastorm.
  • White Mage Artifact Armor (AF) can last you well into your final levels of WHM.
  • Format taken from Beastmaster Equipment Guide.

White Mage Equipment Chart

Main Sub Ammo Head Neck Body Hands Legs Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 1 Ash Club +1, Ash Staff +1 Lauan Shield +1 Fortune Egg, Orphic Egg Circlet +1, Copper Hairpin +1 Robe +1 Cuffs +1 Slops +1 Ash Clogs +1 Blood Stone +1 Ascetic's Ring, San d'Orian Ring
Lv 2
Lv 3
Lv 4 Bronze Mace +1
Lv 5 Bronze Hammer +1, Ash Pole +1
Lv 6 Traveler's Hat
Lv 7 Justice Badge Cape +1
Lv 8 Maple Shield, Maple Shield +1 Pelte Tunic +1 Mitts +1 Slacks +1 Solea +1 Heko Obi +1, Talisman Obi
Lv 9 Willow Wand +1 Compound Eye Circlet
Main Sub Ammo Head Neck Body Hands Legs Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 10 Pilgrim's Wand, Gelong Staff Brass Hairpin, Sol Cap Royal Footman's Tunic Mist Silk Cape Energy Earring +1 Astral Ring, Saintly Ring +1, Multiple Ring
Lv 11 Zealot's Mitts, Gloves Shell Earring, Shell Earring +1
Lv 12 Brass Hammer +1 Linen Robe, Linen Robe +1 Linen Slops +1 Holly Clogs
Lv 13 Elm Shield +1 Light Soleas
Lv 14 Friar's Rope
Lv 15 Republic Staff, Pestle Scentless Armlets Federation Slops
Lv 16 Holly Pole +1
Lv 17
Lv 18 Decurion's Hammer, Yew Wand +1, Mercenary's Pole Garrison Boots Talisman Cape
Lv 19 Priest's Robe
Main Sub Ammo Head Neck Body Hands Legs Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 20 Warhammer +1 Strong Shield Trump Crown, Silver Hairpin +1 Baron's Saio Baron's Cuffs Baron's Slops Mohbwa Sash +1
Lv 21
Lv 22
Lv 23 Republic Hammer, Federation Pole
Lv 24 Reraise Earring
Lv 25 Spiked Club +1 Morion Tathlum Mycophile Cuffs Carect Ring
Lv 26 Holy Phial
Lv 27 Devotee's Mitts, Elder's Bracers, Savage Gauntlets, Magna Gauntlets, Magna Gloves
Lv 28 Wool Slops +1
Lv 29 Melampus Staff Faerie Shield Seer's Tunic +1 Seer's Slacks +1 Seer's Pumps +1, Magna M Ledelsens, Magna F Ledelsens, Elder's Sandals
Main Sub Ammo Head Neck Body Hands Legs Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 30 Royal Squire's Mace, Elm Pole +1 Tortoise Shield, Lizard Strap +1 Magician's Earring Tamas Ring
Lv 31 Maul +1 RSE, Custom Pants, Custom Slacks, Elder's Braguette, Savage Loincloth, Magna M Chausses, Magna F Chausses, Wonder Braccae
Lv 32 Solid Wand White Cape +1
Lv 33 Elder's Surcoat
Lv 34
Lv 35 Oak Shield +1 Holy Ampulla Bishop's Robe +1 Mannequin Pumps Healing Earring
Lv 36 Solace Ring +1
Lv 37
Lv 38 Holy Maul +1 Spirit Torque Geist Earring
Lv 39 Nymph Shield Oracle's Belt
Main Sub Ammo Head Neck Body Hands Legs Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 40 Oak Pole +1 Light Buckler, Royal Squire's Shield, Strike Shield Electrum Hairpin Mohbwa Scarf +1, Republican Silver Medal Divine Breastplate, Royal Squire's Robe Magic Slacks Qiqirn Sash +1 Ether Ring
Lv 41 Blessed Hammer Rain Hat Reverend Sash
Lv 42 Frog Trousers
Lv 43 Royal Squire's Shield +2 Royal Squire's Robe +2 Combat Caster's Slacks +2 Red Cape +1
Lv 44 Powerful Rope
Lv 45 Footman's Staff Viking Shield Concealing Cuffs Astral Earring
Lv 46
Lv 47 Time Hammer Spirit Moccasins
Lv 48 Rose Wand +1 Leather Shield +1 Promise Badge
Lv 49 Kshama Ring No. 9
Main Sub Ammo Head Neck Body Hands Legs Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 50 Musketeer's Pole Divine Shield Mantra Coin Raven Beret, Gold Hairpin +1 Beak Necklace +1, Benign Necklace Raven Jupon Raven Bracers, Storm Gages Raven Hose Raven Gaiters Esoteric Mantle, Storm Cape, Skulker's Cape Sneak & Invisible macro. Desert Stone, Forest Stone, Jungle Stone, Ocean Stone, Steppe Stone See notes. Antivenom Earring, Insomnia Earring, Storm Earring Medicine Ring, Ebullient Ring, Hale Ring, Balrahn's Ring
Lv 51 Apollo's Staff, Pluto's Staff, Terra's Staff, Aquilo's Staff, Auster's Staff See notes. Amity Cape See notes. Serket Ring
Lv 52 Musketeer's Pole +2 Master Shield Healer's Duckbills
Lv 53
Lv 54 Arcana Breaker Healer's Cap Serenity Ring +1
Lv 55 Healing Staff, Dryad Staff Raptor Strap +1 Desamilion's Earring, Gayanj's Earring, Quantz's Earring, Zedoma's Earring See notes.
Lv 56 Magical Mitts Healer's Pantaloons Zoredonite Ring
Lv 57
Lv 58 Astral Shield Healer's Briault
Lv 59 Mahogany Pole +1 Star Necklace Vermillion Cloak,

Restorer Cloak

Cure Clogs Peace Ring
Main Sub Ammo Head Neck Body Hands Legs Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 60 Battle Staff +1 Patriarch Protector's Shield, Bugard Strap +1 Grandiose Chain Healer's Mitts Intensifying Cape, Invigorating Cape, Miraculous Cape, Sapient Cape Spectral Belt, Penitent's Rope
Lv 61 Healing Feather Vivian Ring
Lv 62 Asklepios Marine F Gloves, Marine M Gloves See notes. River Gaiters, Wood M Ledelsens, Wood F Ledelsens
Lv 63 Kraken Club
Lv 64
Lv 65 Darksteel Maul +1, Ebony Pole +1 Staff Strap Republican Gold Medal Relaxing Earring
Lv 66 Phantom Tathlum Aristocrat's Crown Peace Cape +1 See notes.
Lv 67 Empowering Mantle +1 Heavens Earring, Celestial Earring
Lv 68 Sea Robber Cudgel, Seawolf Cudgel Astral Aspis Aristocrat's Coat Blue Cape +1
Lv 69 Jadagna +1 Numinous Shield +1 Serene Ring
Main Sub Ammo Head Neck Body Hands Legs Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 70 Mistilteinn, Purgatory Mace, Mythic Pole +1, Yigit Staff Hedgehog Bomb Faerie Hairpin, Hydra Beret, Maat's Cap Fenrir's Torque, Morgana's Choker, Uggalepih Pendant Blessed Briault +1, Hydra Doublet Blessed Mitts +1, Hydra Gloves Blessed Trousers +1, Hydra Brais Blessed Pumps +1, Herald's Gaiters, Hydra Gaiters Cleric's Belt, Desert Rope, Forest Rope, Jungle Rope, Ocean Rope, Steppe Rope See notes. Medicine Earring, Rapture Earring
Lv 71 Brass Jadagna +1, Templar Mace Prince's Slops Cleric's Duckbills Prism Cape Hierarch Belt, Korin Obi See notes.
Lv 72 Morgenstern, Iron-Splitter +1 Cleric's Cap, Mahatma Hat, Yigit Turban Mahatma Houppelande, Yigit Gomlek Mahatma Cuffs, Yigit Gages Mahatma Slops, Yigit Seraweels Arborist Nails, Mahatma Pigaches, Yigit Crackows Magnetic Earring Communion Ring +1
Lv 73 Perdu Wand, Thyrsusstab, Kinkobo, Primate Staff +1 Tariqah +1 Zenith Crown +1 Dalmatica +1 Zenith Mitts +1 Cleric's Pantaloons, Zenith Slacks +1 Zenith Pumps +1 Altruistic Cape, Mahatma Cape Roundel Earring
Lv 74 Genbu's Shield, Muse Tariqah Healer's Cap +1 Cleric's Briault, Healer's Briault +1 Healer's Mitts +1 Healer's Pantaloons +1 Healer's Duckbills +1 Ixion Cape
Lv 75 Mjollnir, Kirin's Pole Cleric's Cap +1, Goliard Chapeau, Marduk's Tiara, Nashira Turban, Walahra Turban Cleric's Briault +1, Goliard Saio, Marduk's Jubbah, Reverend Mail Cleric's Mitts, Cleric's Mitts +1, Marduk's Dastanas Cleric's Pantaloons +1, Goliard Trews, Marduk's Shalwar Cleric's Duckbills +1, Goliard Clogs, Marduk's Crackows, Rostrum Pumps Lambda Sash, Theta Sash Loquacious Earring, Gamma Earring, Novia Earring
Lv 76 Pedant Cape Austerity Belt Metanoia Ring
Lv 77 Graiai Earring
Lv 78 Teal Chapeau Teal Saio Teal Cuffs Teal Slops Teal Pigaches Bifrost Ring
Lv 79 Augur's Gloves
Lv 80 Surya's Staff Owleyes Serpentes Cuffs Serpentes Sabots Orison Cape Cognizant Belt
Lv 81 Clarus Stone Sagacity Lappas Orison Duckbills +1, Orison Duckbills +2 Sirona's Ring
Lv 82 Magnus Hammer Sapientia Sabots Ebullient Cape Bloodgem Earring
Lv 83 Divinus Grip Curatio Grip Macero Grip Fulcio Grip Hikmet Hat Chrysopoeia Torque Noetic Torque Orison Pantaloons +1, Orison Pantaloons +2 Emphatikos Rope
Lv 84 Laurel Wreath Orison Locket Pluviale
Lv 85 Surya's Staff +1 Molva Maul Orison Cap +1, Orison Cap +2
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