Mission Name When Wills Collide
Number 46
Title Granted Vanquisher of Spite
Items Needed Key ItemBottled Punch Bug
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Time Slips Away Whispers of Dawn
Replay Cutscenes
When Wills Collide Goblin Footprint Walk of Echoes



  • Buffs will wear upon entry.
  • Trusts can be called inside.
  • Your battle is against the four Spitewardens. All four must be defeated for victory.
  • You have 30 minutes to complete the fight.
  • As with all mission battlefields, experience points are not lost upon death.
  • They are susceptible to Bind and Gravity.
  • Spitewardens appear to have increased movement speed.
  • Completely easy fight with ilvl gear.


  • Uses daggers.
  • Uses Dancer job abilities, including Curing Waltz on herself and others.
  • May use Healing Waltz when enfeebled. Kiters should take extra care.
  • Will say "Those who dare oppose Sir Ragelise must answer to me!" before using her 2hr (Melancholy Jig which inflicts AoE Doom).
  • Approximately 5000 HP.


  • Uses sword weapon skills up to Sanguine Blade.
  • Has an Additional Effect: paralysis on melee attacks.
  • Casts Banishga III and Holy.
  • Appears to have some sort of hate-sharing mechanism with Portia; if attempting to defeat Portia first while kiting Ragelise, at some point Ragelise will abandon the kiter and proceed to attack whoever has hate on Portia. This may also function in reverse.
  • Will say "Mere mortals cannot hope to withstand my newfound might!" before using Rancor Smash, which deals damage, knockback, and Amnesia.
  • Approximately 6000 HP.


  • Uses a staff.
  • Favors Cataclysm when he has TP, dealing strong area-of-effect dark damage.
  • Uses Hundred Fists at around 50% health.

Fourth Spitewarden:

  • Copies the equipment from the waist up of the first player to enter the battlefield.
  • Armor is copied in appearance only.
  • Uses whatever weapon is equipped by the player copied, granting it access to the weapon skills of that weapon type, including ones above level 75 (such as Sanguine Blade and Cataclysm).
  • The player entering the battlefield first is recommended to be wearing a Staff, to prevent the Fourth Spitewarden from using any multihit Weapon Skills.
  • Does not copy the spells and abilities of the player's current job.
  • Beastmaster, Puppetmaster, and Summoner clones do not summon pets.
  • Has access to Dual Wield if the cloned player has two weapons equipped when they enter the battlefield.
  • When low on health, uses Essence Jack, inflicting terror and all stats down on the cloned player. This gives the Spitewarden a significant boost to damage (presumably due to absorbing the lost stats)
  • If the cloned player is out of the Fourth Spitewarden's range when it attempts to use Essence Jack, it will break off from whoever it is engaged with and run toward the cloned player in an attempt to use this ability. This does not seem to be a hate reset, and seems to be a behavior that only lasts until Essence Jack is successfully used.
  • It is possible for the Fourth Spitewarden to not use Essence Jack at all.
  • Approximately 5000 HP.


See the Video page.

  • See testimonies for other possible ways to do this fight.

Game Description

Mission Orders
To regain a foothold in the struggle and ensure Lilisette's rebirth, you must confront whatever darkness lies in wait at the Walk of Echoes.