Mission Name What Remains of Hope
Number 3-7-1
Reward Key ItemCait Sith's whisker
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Unshakable Nightmares Death Cares Not
Replay Cutscenes


  • Examine the ??? to the northeast of the Veridical Conflux to get a cutscene and Key ItemCait Sith's whisker, and to be teleported to Desuetia - Empyreal Paradox.
    • Important to note that if you enter from Xarcabard (S) you will get the cutscene but you will be in the wrong Walk of Echoes.
    • The blue ???s next to the Cavernous Maws in Batallia Downs, Rolanberry Fields, and Sauromugue Champaign.
      • Requires the Lightsworm, acquired during WoTG 2, Back to the Beginning, or during the early RoV mission line.
        • This depends on if the player completed Back to the Beginning before August 2015.
      • This Key Item was introduced in the August 2015 Version Update Changes.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Cait Sith used the dimensional compass to guide you to a fully empowered god of darkness, which may absorb all of your murk for its own ends. Steel yourself for battle and head further into the Walk of Echoes.