Start NPC Gentle Tiger (S)
Requirements Complete Beneath the Mask and be on mission Fate in Haze
Items Needed Key ItemSack of Victuals
Key ItemCommander's Endorsement
Title Granted Presidential Protector
Repeatable No
Reward Fourth Staff
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Beneath the Mask Mission:
Fate in Haze

The Truth Lies Hid



  • Magic buffs are lost upon entry.
  • Exp is lost upon death.
  • This is a 30 min fight.
  • Reraise wears off if ejected from the battle in the event of a wipe.
  • This fight is against Klara.


  • She is aggressive and will attack very soon after entry, leaving you just enough time to summon a party of trusts if they're on a macro.
  • She has approximately 25,000 HP (732 Atonement did 3% damage).
    • Predator Claws did 11,000~ damage and took her down to 43%
  • She uses TP moves Flat Blade, Savage Blade, Swift Blade, and Circle Blade.
  • She attacks fairly fast and can Double Attack.
  • Immune to all forms of Stun, including Blue Magic.
  • Can be Paralyzed, Slowed, Poisoned, Bioed, Diaed, Flashed easily.
  • She CANNOT be kited. Even with 12% movement speed and a good head start, she catches up easily.
  • Her normal hits were doing 50-100 on an Aegis PLD/NIN. Weapon skills varied from low double digits to a spike of 400+.
  • Regardless of whomever is holding hate, if anyone is casting a spell when she is ready to use a Weapon Skill, she run to them and use Flat Blade on them.
  • At about 50% HP, she uses some sort of 2-hour ability. It isn't Invincible, Perfect Dodge, Hundred Fists, or Mighty Strikes. Seems to be an early version of Brazen Rush, increasing double attack to 100% or close to it.
  • She starts using a WS called Temblor Blade after her 2hr. It is a AOE WS with an added effect of Petrification.
    • It deals magic damage, and will go through Invincible.
    • Will also reset hate.
    • Level 90 Garuda resisted Temblor Blade's petrification effect every time.
  • One strategy is to bring a Summoner with Alexander to the fight. Fight her normally until 50% when Temblor Blade becomes active and then use Alexander and zerg her down as fast as you can. Perfect Defense from Alexander at full mp will not only greatly reduce Temblor Blade's damage, but it will also block the added effect of Petrification, saving a lot of trouble.
  • Can be soloed by some jobs at level 90. (RDM/NIN confirmed)

Game Description

Gentle Tiger, (Entrance to Metalworks, Bastok Markets)
Apprehended in Beaucedine after deserting his unit, Zeid awaits punishment in a dark cell of Benedikt Watchtower. Can nothing be done to save him from his fate? At his friend Gentle Tiger's behest, you travel to North Gustaberg to offer your aid.