Mission Name What He Left Behind
Number 3-4-1
Reward Cipher: Arciela II
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Tears of the Generals Gone but Not Forgotten


  • Examine the glowing ??? at Rala Waterways at the southwest corner of (C-6).
    • Use the Waypoints in Adoulin and select "Enigmatic Device, Rala Waterways".
    • Or, enter Rala Waterways from (F-5) in Western Adoulin, if you have not acquired the waypoint.
    • You will need to go through the Sluice Gate, east, then south, and back west to get there. The walls shift, so it may be the first junction or second junction after the Sluice Gate to get through.
      • Note: The mobs in this zone aggro at 99; use sneak/invis.
    • The ??? will be just up the tiny bridge and slightly right. Examine it for a cutscene & Cipher: Arciela II.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Arciela has provided information on where to find Balamor. Head to Rala Waterways and seek out the black butterflies.