Start NPC Sharuru Eastern Adoulin (F-8) (Peacekeeper's Coalition)
Requirements KeyItemPioneer's Badge
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward 1000 experience/limit points
500 bayld
3000 Kinetic Units
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None Meg-alomaniac


  • Talk to Sharuru to begin the quest.
    • You may also start this quest after activating all of these Waypoints, and then talk to Sharuru again to immediately complete it.
    • To save time, you can do this quest at the same time as The Longest Way Round... Both quests involve visiting the same locations.
  • Activate the following Waypoints:
    • Peacekeepers' Coalition (F-8)
    • Scouts' Coalition (G-9)
    • Rent-a-Room (G-11)
    • Auction House (H-10)
    • Statue of the Goddess (G-8)
    • Yahse Hunting Grounds (G-6)
    • Sverdhried Hillock (I-7)
    • Coronal Esplanade (I-9)
    • Gates of Castle Adoulin (K-10)
      • Sharuru gives hints for locations of Waypoints yet to be activated if you lose track.
      • Alternatively, you can check the Waypoint markers on the map to see which remain. Attuned Waypoints are solid in appearance while un-attuned Waypoints are pulsating.
  • Return to Sharuru for your reward.

Game Description

Sharuru (Peacekeepers' Coalition, Eastern Adoulin)
Attune your geomagnetron to each of the waypoints in Eastern Adoulin and report back.
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