Mission Name Welcome! To My Decrepit Domicile
Number 4
Start NPC Inconspicuous Door - Upper Jeuno (H-8)
Items Needed Key ItemSturdy metal strip
Key ItemSavory Lamb Roast
Key ItemRugged Tree Bark
Reward Blue coral key (upon repeat)
Repeatable Yes
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Hasten! In a Jam in Jeuno? Curses! A Horrifically Harrowing Hex


Your Moogle requires three items to complete repair of the Jeuno Rent-a-Room. Once you have flagged the quest, all key items can be obtained at the same time.

*Check notes before starting for additional information to make this easier! *


  • The mission must be flagged before obtaining the Key Items.
    • The Key Items can be obtained out of order, or all at once, before the Moogle asks for the individual items separately (ie. the bark or the lamb roast).
    • It's to your advantage to have a full inventory since the point will not despawn and you can keep trying to get the key item from the same point.
  • It can take several tries, and many broken HELM items, to get the key items. Take extra equipment.
    • The following macro will help to save time:
      • /targetnpc
      • /item Hatchet <t> (or whatever item you're currently using)
    • You can obtain the Key Item on a failed HELM or on a tool break.
    • You can obtain the Key Item even if your inventory is full, though you will still break tools.
    • You can basically retrieve two from one area, Ghelsba Outpost for the logging and the Yughott Grotto for the mining, then go to Giddeus for the harvesting.
  • The following zones have an abundance of points for you to mine, log, or harvest in a relatively small area: Zeruhn Mines, Ghelsba Outpost, and Giddeus, respectively.
  • Reobtaining the items and talking to Squintrox Dryeyes will allow you to obtain the Blue coral key, a Treasure Coffer (Tenshodo) Key.
  • A fast way to get the key item is to arrange your inventory so that it is full. If you cannot obtain a material, the spot will not move, but it will not prevent you from getting the key item on numerous failed attempts.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Rotting roofboards, crumbling walls... Yes, this Rent-a-Room is a mess. Your moogle associate has the handyman skills; all he needs are a few essential items to make the requisite repairs.