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Weddings in Vana'diel
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One result of the recent summit in Jeuno was the approval of marriages between adventurers. We asked those organizing the ceremonies for their impressions of the wedding halls and facilities in San d'Oria, Bastok, and Windurst.

San d'Oria


San d'Oria's dignified weddings are emblematic of the strong traditions that pervade the city. A San d'Orian wedding is a fitting way for a couple to swear their eternal love and receive the blessings of the Goddess.

The high-ranking Temple Knight who presides over a San d'Orian wedding brings four hundred years of tradition to the ceremony, the highlight of which is the bride and groom taking a mutual oath on their weapons, swearing to protect one another from the forces of darkness.

Witnessing these solemn vows of matrimony and celebrating the commencement of this glorious journey is none other than the Church of San d'Oria.

It is advised that a wedding befitting the solemnity of the vows and majesty of the church be conducted in a sanctioned and sanctified location.

One location that meets all of the church's requirements is the Central Garden of Chateau d'Oraguille. While the garden is in principle closed even to our own citizens, adventurers are permitted entrance. To have your holy wedding ceremony here is among the highest and most enduring of honors.

The widow of Count Caffaule, the pious Hinaree, has generously offered her mansion for the celebration of nuptials. The main hall of the manor is available for a small, dignified ceremony with only the dearest of friends in attendance. Should you desire the presence of many compatriots and allies, you can request to hold your ceremony in the spacious front garden of the estate.

Perhaps your plans will not allow you to celebrate your wedding in San d'Oria. In such a case, the church offers the Temple of the Goddess in Upper Jeuno, the place of worship for many a faithful Elvaan abroad.

Our services are not limited to those hailing from San d'Oria; we will happily marry any pair of brave souls who will swear to stand side by side together against evil. The Goddess Altana offers her blessing to any and all couples that will take holy vows to return order to this world.



The Republic of Bastok offers wedding ceremonies with an atmosphere of freedom and a guarantee of satisfaction. The Department of Industry promises that you will cherish this day forever.

In a ceremony that reflects Bastok's history as a republic, a Registrar from the Department of Industry will offer greetings from our President. The all-hands toast that concludes the ceremony is a custom that could only arise in a free and vibrant land.

The Department of Industry recommends three different locations in and around Bastok to host your special day. Each location offers a different ambiance and will accommodate a different number of guests.

The first location is the pride of Bastok and the birthplace of much of our advanced technology, the Metalworks. Chief Engineer Cid has generously allowed the small room enshrined with a statue of the Goddess to be used for wedding ceremonies.

While certainly not the most spacious location for your special day, for a small ceremony with only those closest to you, it is unsurpassed. The memories created in the flickering candlelight of the altar will last a lifetime.

For those who would prefer an open ceremony in the great outdoors, Port Bastok is the place to share your happiness with family and friends in the pleasant sea breezes of the harbor.

A ceremony at the Morhen Lighthouse offers a stunning view over the cliffs that plunge into the Sea of Zafmlug. This is a memorable journey into South Gustaberg for a ceremony that reflects Bastokan sensibilities.

In addition to these options, the Temple of the Goddess in Upper Jeuno, in cooperation with the Department of Industry, is offering packages that include both honeymoon and ceremony for those who wish to be married abroad.

Whichever you choose, please be assured that you have the full and sincere support of the Department of Industry in taking the next big step to a glittering future with your lifelong partner.



First brought together under the bejeweled night sky, you shine like two stars snuggling up to one another. The Sibyl Celebrants proffer the blessings of the Star Sibyl in honor of this special occasion.

The Windurst that arose with the first Star Sibyl is the same Windurst that the current Star Sibyl protects and the same timeless Windurst that will live on into the future...

Many things have changed over that vast expanse of time, but some things remain ever the same.

One such thing is the night studded with sparkling stars. A couple brought together by the will of the stars should surely swear to a love as eternal as the shimmering jewels of the celestial sphere.

A Windurstian wedding is not merely the exchange of rings that you might find in other countries; it is the exchange and consumption of ceremonial foods. This exchange joins the couple in flesh and blood as the ceremony binds their destinies. Such is the wish of the Star Sibyl.

The Sibyl Celebrants have selected several sites suitable for a traditional Windurstian wedding.

The Orastery in Port Windurst looks out over the ocean. The sound of the waves gently lapping at the shore makes this an ideal spot for a modest ceremony.


Did you know that there is a platform in the middle of the misty lake behind the Rhinostery in Windurst Waters? This quiet area offers the chance to have a wedding ceremony accented by glimmering fluoro-flora plants. Also in Windurst Waters is the Acolyte Hostel, a serene spot with a stunning view of the Great Star Tree.

What could be better than swearing your love surrounded by friends under the infinite starry sky? There is a secluded location along the Sarutabaruta coast where you can do just that.

If the stars led you to your fateful meeting in the adventurers' hub of Jeuno, you can show your gratitude by holding your wedding at Jeuno's Temple of the Goddess. A Sibyl Celebrant will be happy to meet you there for the occasion.

Go forth with the purest of feelings for one another and add the light of your love to the world. We are eager to help you make your special day all the better.

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune Issue No. Extra II

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