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Wedding Bells
- Asura -
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Listen closely--can you hear it? Each time you hear the sound of wedding bells, a new couple is born in Vana'diel.

Across Vana'diel one can find all kinds of weddings--from the touching types that bring tears to the guests' eyes to gag weddings that bring sidesplitting laughter! But to the couple tying the knot, it's always an unforgettable experience.

And now it's finally time for the second edition of Wedding Bells! My name is Finleen (single) and I will once again be your host. I came across a wonderful couple the other day that had just finished their wedding ceremony at Chateau d'Oraguille. So let's invite the happy newlyweds in, shall we? Please give a warm welcome to Gaburiel and his new bride, Komaru!

Finleen : Welcome and congrats!

Gaburiel : Thank you.

Komaru : Thank you!^^

Finleen : So how was the wedding? (Actually, I saw it from my hiding place in the shadows of the chateau pillars, but I think we'd rather hear it from you...)

Gaburiel : Well, um, I was pretty nervous...but I was happy everyone was there supporting us.

Komaru : We had so many guests^^ And the groom kept missing his lines, which was especially entertaining, lol.

Finleen : I didn't notice or anything, but didn't you mess up on the timing of the vows?

Gaburiel : I'm not very good at speaking in public...

Finleen : Today's Wedding Master was a Temple Knight, wasn't he?

Gaburiel : At first I thought a Temple Knight would make the wedding too rigid, but he had a really good sense of humor, so I was able to relax a bit.

Wedding Bells Pt21

Komaru : He was so much nicer than he looked^^;;

Finleen : The mood of the wedding was quite nice, being surrounded by flowers and everything, but is that why you chose the courtyard at Chateau d'Oraguille?

Gaburiel : I just always thought it was a nifty place^^

Finleen : And a friend was able to secure the chateau for the service, right?

Gaburiel : I really appreciate what he did for us... He is a really good friend! He is also my role model, a real organized guy.

Finleen : You are lucky to have such great friends.

Komaru : Even those who couldn't attend set off fireworks for us in celebration after the wedding!^^

Gaburiel : The wedding guests planned a Ballista match for us afterwards, too.

Komaru : They put us on opposing teams. Being chased around by my husband in a crazed mob like that is one memory I'll never forget...^^;

Finleen : Well since you're usually busy just giving each other googly eyes, fighting like cats and dogs every once in a while might spice things up a little more, you know?

Komaru : (^o^);;

Finleen : Anyway, what made you guys go gaga for each other?

Komaru : I was in Gustaberg killing 100 enemies for the Dark Knight quest, and saw a guy I knew was in my LS (linkshell) there and greeted him. (^v^)

Gaburiel : At that time, I wasn't really doing anything special, just chillin' out.

Finleen : 100 enemies... So you wanted to be a Dark Knight, huh?

Komaru : I kept complaining to him. "My great sword skill is so low! I keep missing over and over and I think the battles are gonna last forever! I don't even know any weapon skills!" But he cheered me up with his advice^^

Gaburiel : I'm not sure she took it, though...

Finleen : Hahaha. And from that point your relationship deepened, I see.

Komaru : What great memories^^

Finleen : So you went on lots of adventures together?

Gaburiel : No... After that, nothing really happened for a while.

Komaru : He was just an acquaintance^^

Finleen : Oh? Well, obviously at some point you wanted to be more than friends. When was that?

Komaru : Probably about the time we just happened to be in the same party, and he jokingly proposed to me, lol.

Finleen : Wha--he proposed to you in a party!? Even if it was a joke, that would make your heart race, wouldn't it?

Gaburiel : How can you be so sure it was a joke?

Finleen : Either way, it was a launching point for you two to take off. Was there anything else?

Komaru : There was one thing that really surprised me.

Finleen : Huh?

Gaburiel : Oh no, not that! ><

Komaru : We were in Lower Jeuno, and there were like, a bazillion people around...

Finleen : Mm-hm?

Komaru : And he sent a shout to everyone that said, "Komaru is MINE!" I couldn't believe it!!! O.o;

Finleen : Whoa!!! 98 degrees and rising!

Komaru : Even my friends were asking me about it. It was a pretty big shock at the time. /(-o-)/

Gaburiel : Ah, youth.

Wedding Bells Pt22

The groom, Gaburiel
The bride, Komaru

Finleen : And with that, you felt like you wanted to get married immediately, didn't you?

Gaburiel : Well, yeah, I think it was pretty quick. We hadn't even dated for a month before the wedding.

Komaru : We were in the Hall of the Gods when he asked me if I wanted to get married. And this time he was serious!

Finleen : So he was the one who finally proposed?

Gaburiel : Yep. I wanted it that way.

Finleen : Surprisingly old-fashioned, huh? But how manly!

Gaburiel : Thanks.

Finleen : And how did you answer, Komaru?

Komaru : I was so surprised, I couldn't say anything. (-.-);

Finleen : Maybe you weren't emotionally prepared for such a thing yet.

Komaru : But he told me he would wait for me, that it would be okay as long as he could be with me later.

Finleen : Ahh! You're making me blush!

Komaru : (-o-);;

Finleen : Well, I hope that you build a very happy home together without losing a bit of that passion! Thanks for the exciting interview!

Gaburiel : We'll do our best! It was fun talking about old times.

Komaru : I'm a li'l embarrassed now, though ^^;

Finleen : I hope you two have a happy life together!

So how was it? At first I thought they were the cool and composed type, but the interview brought out the truth behind their steaming hot relationship! Just once, I wish someone would shout at Jeuno for me! ...Anyway, I guess I had better start looking for another couple to interview. This has been Finleen, bringing you Wedding Bells from Asura!

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 08

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