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Wedding Bells
- Diabolos -
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Listen carefully--can you hear it? Each time you hear the sound of wedding bells, a new couple is born in Vana'diel.

So interested parties, not-so-interested parties, and experienced parties, gather round! We will introduce you to some of Vana'diel's newest newlyweds. My name is Finleen (single), and I will be your host.

Now, without further ado, allow me to introduce to you our first couple ever on this series, Kiraton (groom) and Hemuncheche (bride)!

Finleen : Okay newlyweds, let me get right down to business: Tell us how you came to be together, in explicit detail.

Kiraton : Explicit...? ^^;

Finleen : Yes, all the spicy stuff.

Kiraton : Well, I first met Cheche in a random party, and we agreed to become "friends." After that, I introduced her to the linkshell I belong to, and we've been going on missions and quests together ever since^^

Finleen : Hmm... You call her "Cheche," do you?

Kiraton : Yup^^

Finleen : Cheche, what do you call Kiraton?

Hemuncheche : Darling^^

Finleen : Ah...(blush)

Kiraton : There were other couples in the linkshell, so we may have drawn some motivation from them.

Hemuncheche : A dating linkshell^^

Finleen : Is it???

Kiraton : Maybe lol.

Hemuncheche : :P

Finleen : Yes, I'm sure in many cases couples start out as friends, then become something...closer. It's really the amount of time and the quality of time that is spent together that's important.

Wedding Bells

The groom, Kiraton. The bride, Hemuncheche.

Kiraton : I initially thought Cheche was a guy lol.

Finleen : What? But she's so adorable!

Hemuncheche : ^^

Kiraton : She was wearing a big hat^^;

Finleen : So when exactly did you decide to get married?

Kiraton : Um...

Hemuncheche : Hmm...

Kiraton : Hall of the Gods, maybe? Weren't we saying that it would be a nice venue for a wedding?

Hemuncheche : :D

Finleen : So that was your proposal?

Kiraton : Yup^^

Finleen : I smell conspiracy on Kiraton's part...

Kiraton : Well, Cheche was pretty desperate to get married too.

Hemuncheche : lol

Kiraton : Kept saying you wanted to wear a wedding dress and have a Vana'diel wedding and all that lol.

Finleen : So are you saying you were pressured into marriage by Cheche?

Kiraton : Possibly lol.

Hemuncheche : Heh heh^^

Finleen : So now, a question for the bride.

Hemuncheche : Present!

Kiraton : Go for it lol.

Finleen : What do you like about him?

Hemuncheche : Everything! (blush)

Finleen : Whoa...

Kiraton : You're too kind lol.

Finleen : Is there anything you don't like about him? Some kind of behavior you would like him to modify?

Hemuncheche : Hmm... Not really.

Finleen : Think hard now. This is your future we're talking about.

Hemuncheche : Hmmmmmmm... Nothing comes to mind right now :(

Kiraton : Forcing the issue a bit, aren't you?

Finleen : Perhaps so... Maybe you haven't fully escaped the rapture of matrimony yet.

Hemuncheche : Maybe^^

Kiraton : Pretty harsh critique there ^^;

Finleen : All right then, let's pose the same question to the groom.

Kiraton : Yo.

Hemuncheche : ^^

Kiraton : What was the question?

Finleen : You don't remember?

Kiraton : What I like about her, was it?

Finleen : Yes.

Kiraton : Hmm...

Hemuncheche : Oh, I can't wait to hear this!^^

Kiraton : Because she's funny and cute, I guess. I also like the disparity between the conversations we have when we're alone and the ones we have inside the linkshell.

Finleen : I see. And now, is there anything that troubles you about her?

Kiraton : Trouble, eh?

Hemuncheche : Uh-oh...:(

Kiraton : She kind of has trouble with anger management.

Finleen : lol

Hemuncheche : I DO NOT!

Kiraton : There it is lol.

Hemuncheche : :P

Kiraton : No, but she's a nice girl.

Finleen : Yes, yes.

Finleen : Time for the final question...

Hemuncheche : :D

Finleen : What kind of home life do you envision for the future?

Kiraton : One where the laughter never stops.

Hemuncheche : XD

Kiraton : Cheche?

Hemuncheche : I want to have children!

Kiraton : Whoaaa...

Finleen : I wonder which one the baby will resemble...

Kiraton : Everyone knows that a child born between a Hume and a Taru will be a Galka

Hemuncheche : Yahoo!

Finleen : Now, now, boys and girls... But in any case, it sounds like you have some fun days ahead of you. I wish you both the best of luck.

Kiraton : Thanx^^

Hemuncheche : Thank you!:D

Finleen : Thank you for sharing your time with us today.

So what did you think? They sound like a cute couple, don't they? We'll be interviewing many more couples in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

This has been Finleen, reporting from Diabolos, signing off.

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 02

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