Start NPC Peshi Yohnts (A) - Abyssea - Tahrongi
Requirements Abyssea - Tahrongi Reputation 1
Items Needed Several Pickaxes
Hardened Bone
Title Granted None
Repeatable Once per visit
Reward 100 Cruor


  • Head to the Western Encampment at (F-9) (Conflux #3) and speak with Peshi Yohnts, who asks you to excavate a Hardened Bone and gives you a Pickaxe; destination (E-5).
    • She only gives you a free Pickaxe the first time you do the quest; not the subsequent times.
    • Heading northwest and following the west wall, you will pass some Nauls and then Caoineag.
    • OR head northeast around the mountain and then north, past the Canyon Scorpions and the mountain, then west past the Thalassinons at (F-5).
    • OR you can warp from Veridical Conflux #3 to #6, and head west.
  • You will see a dragon skeleton and a number of Excavation Points around the area. Like Mining points, they may only last one or two attempts to dig up the item. The points move around this area, and there can be three excavation points up at any one time. You need to keep excavating using your Pickaxes until you get the Hardened Bone.
    • NOTE: You may not receive the Hardened Bone the first time, so it is recommended to bring more pickaxes.
    • You may break many pickaxes and obtain several items unrelated to the quest, so be sure you have inventory space or be willing to discard items.
  • Return to Peshi Yohnts and trade the Hardened Bone to her to complete the quest and receive 100 cruor.

Game Description

Peshi Yohnts
A down-in-the-dumps artisan, seemingly too disheartened to take action herself, needs you to retrieve supplies for weaponcrafting. The hardened bone harvestable in the area should serve to raise her spirits.