Waypoint teleportation is a fast travel system that was introduced with the December 12, 2012 update.


There are three types of waypoints that can be used for waypoint teleportation: normal waypoints, Proto-Waypoints, and Geomagnetic Founts.


Waypoints allow the user to travel between Lower Jeuno and various Adoulinian locations. In order to access the first waypoint in Lower Jeuno, the player must first complete The Geomagnetron to obtain the Adoulinian charter permit. The cost of using a waypoint varies depending on the user's current location, and waypoint destinations must be activated by first attuning the geomagnetron to that destination by visiting it once and clicking the waypoint. Note that Bivouac waypoints are only accessible once a server has successfully constructed that Bivouac.

  • Travel from Lower Jeuno to Adoulin locations or vice versa: 30 Kinetic Units
  • Travel from Eastern Adoulin locations to Western Adoulin locations or vice versa: 3 Kinetic Units
  • Travel within Eastern Adoulin or Western Adoulin from one waypoint to another: 1 Kinetic Unit
  • Travel within an Ulbuka field area from one waypoint to another: 5 Kinetic Units
  • Travel from Adoulin to an Ulbuka field area: 100 Kinetic Units
  • Travel from an Ulbuka field area to Adoulin: 30 Kinetic Units
  • Travel from Adoulin to an Augural Conveyor: 300 Kinetic Units
  • Western Adoulin
    • Platea Triumphus (Couriers' Coalition): (H-8)
    • Pioneers' Coalition: (E-8)
    • Mummers' Coalition: (G-10)
    • Inventors' Coalition: (J-9)
    • The Auction House: (F-10)
    • Your Rent-a-Room: (H-11)
    • Big Bridge: (L-9)
    • Airship Docks: (H-4)
    • Adoulin Waterfront: (I-5)
  • Eastern Adoulin
    • Peacekeepers' Coalition: (F-8)
    • Scouts' Coalition: (G-9)
    • Statue of the Goddess: (H-8)
    • The Wharf to Yahse: (G-6)
    • Your Rent-a-Room: (G-11)
    • The Auction House: (H-10)
    • Sverhried Hillock: (I-7)
    • The Coronal Esplanade: (I-9)
    • Castle Adoulin Gates: (K-9)

Warp Runes

Warp Rune Destination
KeyItemSan d'Oria warp rune Northern San d'Oria
(L-10) Residential Area
KeyItemBastok warp rune Bastok Markets
(I-7) Residential Area
KeyItemWindurst warp rune Windurst Woods
(F-8) Residential Area
KeyItemSelbina warp rune Selbina
(H-7) Entrance
KeyItemMhaura warp rune Mhaura
(H-7) Entrance
KeyItemKazham warp rune
KeyItemAirship pass for Kazham required
(F-9) Entrance
KeyItemRabao warp rune Rabao
(G-11) Entrance
KeyItemNorg warp rune
KeyItemAirship pass for Kazham required
(H-9) Entrance
KeyItemTavnazia warp rune
Completion of all Chains of Promathia Missions required
Tavnazian Safehold
(I-8) In front of the Breakaway Bridge
KeyItemWhitegate warp rune
Completion of all Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions required
Wajaom Woodlands
(L-7) Near entrance to Whitegate
KeyItemNashmau warp rune
Completion of all Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions required
Caedarva Mire
(H-9) Near entrance to Nashmau

Augural Conveyor

In certain areas, an ancient Augural Conveyor can be be activated as a Waypoint destination. They also serve as entryways into Skirmish battles. Note that Augural Conveyors can only be used as destinations; they cannot be used to teleport to other waypoints.

Augural Conveyor Locations


Proto-Waypoints are the primary hubs for waypoint teleportation. Using a Proto-Waypoint, you spend Kinetic Units to teleport to any other Proto-Waypoint or to any Geomagnetic Fount waypoint throughout Vana'diel, provided you have already unlocked the waypoint by completing the necessary quests.

Proto-Waypoints are unlocked via the quest Researchers from the West.

Geomagnetic Founts

Geomagnetic Fount waypoints are destination waypoints to which you can teleport using a Proto-Waypoint, for a small fee of Kinetic Units.

Geomagnetic Founts are unlocked via the quests Middle Lands Investigation and Further Founts.


Kinetic Units

Kinetic Units are the currency that is used for waypoint teleportation. Kinetic Units are obtained by trading elemental Crystals, Crystal Clusters, or High Quality Crystals to Proto-Waypoints. Note that different crystals will yield different amounts of Kinetic Units, and trading Crystal Clusters yields bonus units over trading a full stack of 12 crystals.

See Kinetic Units for more information and crystal to Kinetic unit conversion rates.

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