Start NPC None
Requirements KeyItemMemory gem
Complete Over Capacity
Repeatable No
Reward 1000 Sparks
5000 EXP
100 Unity Accolades
Cipher: August
KeyItemFilled memory gem
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Over Capacity None

This objective does not appear in your quest log, but it appears under RoE Quests 3 in the Other category in the Records of Eminence menu after it is unlocked.


  • Upon completion the preceding objective, this objective is immediately unlocked.
  • Activate the RoE objective.
  • Earn another 500,000 Capacity Points while an Alter Ego is summoned. If you are in a party, the leader's Alter Ego will count.
  • Upon completing this objective, return to Marjory at Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5). She will take your KeyItemMemory gem and give you a KeyItemFilled memory gem

Effects of the KeyItemFilled memory gem

Alter Ego Enhancement

Your summoned Alter Egos will gain levels scaling with the size of the party when they are summoned.[1]

Players Alter Ego Level
One (Solo) Average Item Level of Party Leader +1
Two Average Item Level of Party Leader +2
Three Average Item Level of Party Leader +3
Four Average Item Level of Party Leader +4
Five Average Item Level of Party Leader +5
  • Increasing the Item Level of an Alter Ego grants it bonuses to HP, MP, physical/magical attack, accuracy, defense, and evasion bonuses.
  • Alter egos can only receive beneficial effects if the item level of the person summoning them is at least 100.[2]
  • Alter ego levels will adjust automatically when the number of players in a party changes.[3]


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