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Zone Information
Area Name Waughroon Shrine
Type Battlefield
Maps No Map
Map Acquisition N/A
Miscellaneous Tractor Icon Escape Icon
Region Gustaberg
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "Tough Battle"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

The sacred shrine of the Quadav located within their ancestral homelands that have become the Palborough Mines. You must use the Burning Circle to do battle.


North Gustaberg: Escape
Palborough Mines
From Lower Jeuno via Domenic

Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
A Thief in Norg!? SAM AF 3 Gilgamesh    Norg L-8
Beat Around the Bushin General Vola    Lower Jeuno J-8
Beyond Infinity Genkai Nomad Moogle    Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
Shattering Stars Genkai (RDM, THF, BST) Maat    Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
Mission Nation Starter Location
On My Way Bastok Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
Journey Abroad San d'Oria San d'Orian Gate Guard San d'Oria
The Three Kingdoms Windurst Windurst Gate Guard Windurst

Battlefield Events

Entrance: Burning Circle
Name Type Item Level Members Time
Crustacean Conundrum BCNM Cloudy Orb 20 3 15 minutes
Birds of a Feather BCNM Sky Orb 30 3 15 minutes
Grove Guardians BCNM Sky Orb 30 6 30 minutes
Royal Jelly BCNM Star Orb 40 3 15 minutes
The Worm's Turn BCNM Star Orb 40 6 30 minutes
The Final Bout BCNM Comet Orb 50 3 3 minutes
3, 2, 1... BCNM Comet Orb 50 6 30 minutes
Up in Arms BCNM Moon Orb 60 3 15 minutes
Grimshell Shocktroopers BCNM Moon Orb 60 6 30 minutes
Copycat KSNM Clotho Orb -- 6 30 minutes
Operation Desert Swarm KSNM Lachesis Orb -- 6 30 minutes
Prehistoric Pigeons KSNM Atropos Orb -- 6 30 minutes
The Hills Are Alive KSNM Themis Orb -- 18 30 minutes
Journey Abroad Mission -- 99 6 people 30 minutes
The Three Kingdoms Mission -- 99 6 people 30 minutes
On My Way Mission -- 99 6 people 30 minutes
A Thief in Norg!? SAM AF3 Banishing Charm 99 6 people 30 minutes
Shattering Stars (Beastmaster) Limit Beastmaster's Testimony 70/99* 1 person 10 minutes
Shattering Stars (Red Mage) Limit Red Mage's Testimony 70/99* 1 person 10 minutes
Shattering Stars (Thief) Limit Thief's Testimony 70/99* 1 person 10 minutes
Beyond Infinity Limit KeyItemSoul gem clasp None 6 people 10 minutes
Grimshell Shocktroopers II Reforged Armor Macrocosmic Orb None 6 people 30 minutes
  • Limit break battles must be defeated at least once to raise personal level cap beyond 70.
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