Start NPC Miageau (A) - SE Encampment (L-11) (Conflux 06)
Abyssea - La Theine
Requirements Reputation 4
Items Needed KeyItemVial of purification agent (blk.)
KeyItemVial of purification agent (brz.)
KeyItemVial of purification agent (slv.)
KeyItemVial of purification agent (gld.)
KeyItemBlack-labeled vial
KeyItemBronze-labeled vial
KeyItemSilver-labeled vial
KeyItemGold-labeled vial
Title Granted None
Repeatable Yes, after zoning
Reward 360 Cruor
Random Evolith


  • Speak to Miageau (A) and accept his request to purify the waters of Abyssea.
  • He will give you four purification chemicals (key items), each with a different color.
  • Travel to the four ponds of Abyssea, and examine the Murky Water to purify it.
    • Pond one (L-10) is located just outside the Southern Encampment (Conflux 06), surrounded by Crapaudies (nonaggressive).
    • Pond two (K-11) is slightly southwest of the Southern Encampment, surrounded by aggressive Poroggo Seducteurs. They are true sound, but you have to get pretty close to them to aggro.
    • The final two ponds are located close to the Central Encampment (Conflux 04); the large lake (H-7) and smaller pond (H-7) are surrounded by Plateau Gliders and Farfadets respectively.
  • Return to Miageau (A) for your reward.
    • Evolith rewards include some unique augments such as "Martello use -2".

Game Description

Miageau (A)
La Theine's water sources have been found to be contaminated! Miageau has entrusted you with vials of purification agent to cleanse each of the plateau's four ponds.
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