Job Ability

  • Enhances the effect of water attachments. Must have animator equipped.
  • Obtained: Puppetmaster level 1
  • Recast Time: 10 seconds (shared with all maneuvers)
  • Duration: Varies from 1 to 5 minutes (see Maneuver Duration for details)


Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Water Maneuver" <me>
  • /pet "Water Maneuver" <me>

Water Attachments

Name Description Cap. How to Obtain
Condenser May erase a Water Maneuver effect to prevent an overload Trans Water.gif Targeting the Captain ??? Box
Heatsink Reduces the rate of Fire Maneuver Overload Trans Water.gif Crafted & Dropped from Troll Machinist or Hilltroll Puppetmaster
Mana Channeler Increases magic recast time in exchange for increased Magic Attack Trans Water.gifTrans Water.gif Pulling the Strings ENM
Dropped from Ob
Mana Jammer Enhances Automaton Magic Defense Trans Water.gifTrans Water.gif Yoyoroon
Mana Jammer II Enhances Automaton Magic Defense Trans Water.gifTrans Water.gifTrans Water.gif Crafted & Dropped from Hilltroll Puppetmaster
Percolator Increases skill gain rate Water WaterWater Water Dropped from Ob
Treasure Caskets(GoV)
Stealth Screen Reduces Automaton enmity Trans Water.gif Yoyoroon
Steam Jacket Reduces damage taken from successive attacks of the same type. Trans Water.gif Dropped from Ob