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This guide is simply a reformatted version of the Warrior:_Guide_to_Weapons_and_Armor, to which all credit goes to the author. I've just made it into chart form, because charts are awesome.

Anything in italic will probably be expensive, and bold items cannot be bought on the Auction House, meaning you'll have to obtain them via other means (NM, Quest, etc).

Like everyone else who writes up an equipment chart, I nicked the template from the Beastmaster Equipment Guide.

Also, this is my first real attempt at playing with wiki, so if I've done anything wrong, please fix it, add new things, whatever.

Warrior Equipment Chart

Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged Ammo
Lv 1 Bronze Axe Bronze Cap Bronze Harness, RSE Bronze Subligar, RSE Bronze Mittens, RSE Bronze Leggings Cassie Earring Light Crossbow, Shortbow +1 Bronze Bolt or Crossbow Bolt, Wooden Arrow, Happy Egg
Lv 2
Lv 3
Lv 4 Rabbit Mantle
Lv 5 Butterfly Axe Tenax Strap Longbow +1
Lv 6 Coarse Boomerang
Lv 7 Leather Bandana Justice Badge, Wing Pendant Leather Vest Leather Trousers Leather Gloves Bounding Boots/Leaping Boots or Leather Highboots Leather Belt Bone Arrow
Lv 8 Inferno Axe, Brass Axe
Lv 9
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged Ammo
Lv 10 Faceguard or Royal Footman's Bandana Scale Mail Scale Cuisses Legionnaire's Mittens or Royal Footman's Gloves Scale Greaves Optical Earring Legionnaire's Crossbow Blind Bolt
Lv 11
Lv 12 Greataxe Traveler's Mantle Crossbow +1
Lv 13 Bone Axe
Lv 14 Courage Ring, Balance Ring, Vision Ring, Stamina Ring Boomerang Iron Arrow
Lv 15 San d'Orian Bandana, Kingdom Bandana Bastokan Mittens, Warrior's Belt +1 Acid Bolt
Lv 16 Bone Pick Bone Mask +1 Bone Harness +1 Bone Subligar +1 Bone Leggings +1 Bone Earring +1 Power Bow
Lv 17 Lizard Helm Lizard Jerkin Lizard Trousers Lizard Ledelsens Beetle Arrow
Lv 18 Brave Belt
Lv 19 Flame Boomerang Poison Arrow
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged Ammo
Lv 20 Neckchopper, Battleaxe Trump Crown Bloodbead Amulet Sleep Bolt
Lv 21 Beetle Mask +1 Spike Necklace Beetle Harness +1 Garrison Hose Beetle Leggings +1 Beetle Earring +1
Lv 22
Lv 23
Lv 24 Emperor Hairpin/Empress Hairpin Tiger Stole Chainmail Greaves, Winged Boots Nomad's Mantle Silver Arrow
Lv 25 Plantbane Republic Subligar Power Crossbow Bloody Bolt
Lv 26 Exactitude Mantle +1
Lv 27 Custom M Gloves/Custom F Gloves, Wonder Mitts
Lv 28 Military Axe, Military Pick
Lv 29 Eisenbrust or Kampfbrust or Horn Arrow
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged Ammo
Lv 30 Centurion's Axe, Centurion's Sword Brass Grip +1 Centurion's Scale Mail Royal Squire's Mufflers or Gigas Bracelets Rajas Ring Great Bow Holy Bolt
Lv 31 Voulge, Twicer, War Pick +1
Lv 32 Warrior's Axe
Lv 33 Peacock Amulet/Peacock Charm Magna Jerkin or Custom Tunic or Wonder Kaftan Long Boomerang
Lv 34 Heavy Axe Republic Greaves Venerer Ring
Lv 35 Jaeger Ring Sleep Arrow
Lv 36 Puissance Ring and/or Deft Ring
Lv 37 Horror Voulge, Mythril Axe Rikonodo
Lv 38
Lv 39 Huge Moth Axe
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged Ammo
Lv 40 Combat Caster's Axe, Razor Axe Royal Squire's Chainmail Ogygos's Bracelets Earth Mantle, Agile Mantle Tilt Belt Sniper's Ring, Woodsman Ring Thug's Zamburak, Battle Bow Mythril Bolt
Lv 41 Voyager Sallet
Lv 42 Raifu
Lv 43 Combat Caster's Axe +1, Combat Caster's Axe +2 Valkyrie's Mask or Walkure Mask Royal Squire's Chainmail +1 Gothic Gauntlets Gothic Sabatons Combat Caster's Boomerang +2
Lv 44 Headlong Belt
Lv 45 Iron Ram Helm Iron Ram Chainmail, Brigandine, Luisant Haubert Iron Ram Breeches, Luisant Brayettes Iron Ram Mufflers, Luisant Moufles Iron Ram Sollerets Vanguard Belt Ice Arrow, Fire Arrow, Lightning Arrow
Lv 46 Eisentaenzer
Lv 47 Jaguar Mantle
Lv 48 Viking Axe Life Belt
Lv 49 Gigant Axe Heims Earring Ecphoria Ring
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged Ammo
Lv 50 Spiked Finger Gauntlets, Enkelados's Bracelets Swift Belt Storm Loop Ulthalam's Ring, Unyielding Ring Peiste Dart
Lv 51
Lv 52 Fighter's Calligae
Lv 53
Lv 54 Executioner Fighter's Mufflers Sun Ring Smart Grenade
Lv 55 Bloodsword Sword Strap or Mythril Grip +1 Royal Guard's Collar Jaridah Peti, Royal Knight's Chainmail Royal Knight's Breeches Fourth Gauntlets Spike Earring Lightning Bow +1, Comet Tail Goblin Grenade
Lv 56 Schwarz Axt, Darksteel Axe +1 Merman's Gorget
Lv 57 Toreador's Ring
Lv 58 Fighter's Cuisses Assault Earring Armbrust Tiphia Sting
Lv 59 Heavy Darksteel Axe Sipahi Turban Haubergeon
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged Ammo
Lv 60 Tungi,Sirocco Axe Pole Grip Patroclus's Helm Chivalrous Chain Pallas's Bracelets Potent Belt Demon Arrow, Bibiki Seashell
Lv 61 Amemet Mantle +1 Minuet Earring
Lv 62 Demon's Axe Marine M Boots or Marine F Boots, Creek M Clomps or Creek F Clomps
Lv 63 Fransisca Merman's Earring Bomb Core
Lv 64 Colossal Axe Smilodon Mantle +1
Lv 65 Ifrit's Blade Axe Grip, Platinum Grip +1, Claymore Grip Wivre Mask
Lv 66
Lv 67 Pendragon Axe Rutter Sabatons Triumph Earring
Lv 68 Acha d'Armas, Nadziak +1 Fourth Haube Fourth Hentzes
Lv 69 Berserker's Axe Hauberk Psilos Mantle
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged Ammo
Lv 70 Rune Chopper, Juggernaut, Joyeuse, Ridill Optical Hat Kubira Bead Necklace Barone Cosciales, Exorcist Hose Tarasque Mitts, Alkyoneus's Bracelets Charger Mantle Warrior's Stone Fowling Earring Blood Ring Kabura Arrow, Fire Bomblet
Lv 71 Bhuj, Fourth Toporok, Gawain's Axe, Tabarzin, Iron Ram Pick Forager's Mantle Warwolf Belt
Lv 72 Martial Bhuj, Foolkiller, Rampager, Woodville's Axe Aurum Cuisses Warrior's Mufflers, Dusk Gloves Aurum Sabatons, Amir Boots, Dusk Ledelsens Suppanomimi Ruby Ring
Lv 73 Toporok, Perdu Voulge, Maneater, Fortitude Axe Adaman Celata, Hecatomb Cap Fortitude Torque, Temperance Torque Adaman Hauberk Adaman Breeches Hecatomb Mittens Hecatomb Leggings, Adaman Sollerets
Lv 74 Byakko's Axe Unicorn Cap Unicorn Leggings Flame Ring Staurobow +1, Grand Crossbow
Lv 75 Bravura, Erlking's Kheten, Organics Walahra Turban, Ares's Mask, Askar Zucchetto Ares's Cuirass, Askar Korazin Byakko's Haidate, Ares's Flanchard, Askar Dirs Ares's Gauntlets, Askar Manopolas Ares's Sollerets, Askar Gambieras Cerberus Mantle Brutal Earring
Lv 76
Lv 77
Lv 78 Perle Salade Perle Hauberk Perle Brayettes Perle Moufles Perle Sollerets
Lv 79
Lv 80 Vermeil Bhuj
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