A Warhorse Hoofprint is a hoofprint left by the legendary Dark Rider and can appear in the Wajaom Woodlands, Bhaflau Thickets, Mount Zhayolm, or Caedarva Mire. Examining the hoofprint can yield either a Dark Rider Hoofprint (Promotion: Superior Private) or a Quartz transmitter (Promotion: Corporal) with the relevant quests active.

The exact spawn conditions for the hoofprint are unknown; they are occasionally left in the path taken by Dark Rider when he appears. More than one hoofprint can be up at any one time.

A hoofprint will always spawn coinciding with the path of the Dark Rider between the hours of 00:00 and 02:00 and will de-spawn at 06:00 a whole game day later (meaning that the Key Item is active for between 28 and 30 in-game hours, or between 70 and 80 Earth minutes).


The hoofprint now appears on Wide Scan!!!

Wajaom Woodlands

  • D-9
  • D-11
  • E-8 (NE corner of sections as you enter the clearing)
  • E-9
  • F-5 (behind the tower)
  • F-5 (SE corner - in the narrow passage)
  • F-7 (center of the opening surrounded by Treants and Tigers)
  • F/G-6 (the small path to F-5 Tower)
  • F-12 (in the narrow passage not marked on the map)
  • G-6 (Northeast side of clearing)
  • G-6 (Just below G-5, and above the open area in G-6, in the narrow passage that leads to the Giwahb Watchtower)
  • G-12 (south of Mamook entrance)
  • H-6 (Fomor's way)
  • H-10 (clearing between the two tunnels)
  • H-12
  • I-7 (west edge of open area)
  • I-10 (open Spider Area - west side)
  • I-10 (just east of the open area)
  • J-9 (east side of (J-9) in the middle of the Ameretats and Tigers)
  • J-9 (west side, with Lesser Colibris, where Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha pops)
  • J-10 (NW corner of (J-10), near the I-10 border.
  • K-9 (Tiger / Malboro Area)

Bhaflau Thickets

  • E-8 (just Before Tigers and Spiders)
  • G-6
  • G-7 (NE corner)
  • G-8
  • H-7 (SE Corner)
  • H-7 (along the left wall in the top-left open area by a group of tigers)
  • H-8 (middle of the open area)
  • H-8 (Beginning of tunnel)
  • I-7 (end of narrow corridor before the Treants and Saplings)
  • I-8 (near the Map '???')

Mount Zhayolm

  • D-6 (between two rock formations)
  • D-6 (in the exact center of the D-6 square)
  • D-6/E-6 (near a "manhole" a short distance from the Halvung zone)
  • E-6 (on "tip" of the northward protruding wall in E-6, very close to zone)
  • H-9 (near the Pugils to the south)
  • I-10 (on the mound with the Eruca)
  • K-8
  • L-8 (near the water)

Caedarva Mire

  • G-9 (Around the ledge on the second map, Dvucca Staging Point)
  • I-8
  • I-8/J-8 Border
  • J-8 (In the Center of the Imp Camp)
  • I-9
  • J-7
  • J-8 (in the northern pond)
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