Start NPC Resistance Sapper - Abyssea - Attohwa (G-8)
Items Needed Key ItemMagicked hempen sack
Repeatable Yes (one Resistance Ops quest per Vana'diel day)
Reward Varying amount of Cruor and Resistance Credits depending of performance.

Zero to one of:

Possibly any of the 20 job's Head Seals. Information Needed


  • The quickest way is to warp to Conflux 6, then head west across the chasm and out through that tunnel. You will need to Sneak up after the tunnel, hugging the wall on your right to the north, through the undead skeletons and hounds. Watch for the hound notorious monster Gieremund, that is aggressive & detects by True Sound, at F-7. Head northeast through the tunnel after the hounds, still hugging the right wall, to the east and across the chasm. Inside a little nook in G-6, you will see the correct crates. It will not be any of the crates on either side of the ledge near where you first arrive at Conflux 6.
  • The Maximum the sack seems to be able to hold is 10-11 items, but as little as 4, can rupture regardless of order. Using the listed orders the Magicked Hempen Sack has ruptured as early step 5.
1. Pointy 2. Jagged 3. Round 4. Pointy 5. Jagged(felt taut) 6. Round 7. Jagged 8. Round(signs of stretching) 9. Round 10. Round(squeaking with extreme urgency).
1. Pointy 2. Jagged 3. Round 4. Pointy 5. Jagged 6. Round 7. Jagged 8. Pointy 9. Round 10. Round 11. Round

Effect on Bastion

  • Completing this quest increases the Martello health as well as all the Clone Wards health. If some Clone wards were destroyed they will reappear.
  • The increase depends on the success of the quest.
  • With a bag just a bit taunt, the Martello health increase by 1% and the Clone Wards by 2%.Verification Needed
  • With a bag showing signs of stretching, the Martello health increase by 2% and the Clone Wards by 5%.Verification Needed
  • With a bag squeaking, the Martello health increase by 3% and the Clone Wards by 10%.Verification Needed


  • The quickest way of completion (approximately ten minutes from entering zone) by the use of Confluxes will be to take Conflux #1 to Conflux #00 and the Resistance Sapper. Activate the quest. Take Conflux #00 to Conflux #6. Run the to the nook with the crates, fill up, and run back to Conflux #6 taking it to Conflux #00.
  • There is no need to zone between attempts.
  • Taking the conflux route, there will only be the need to use some form of Sneak. However, Gieremund can be up and is true-sound so take care when running by the Hound-type mobs.

Game Description

Resistance Sapper (Central Outpost, Abyssea - Attohwa)
It is imperative that the pulse martello and the clone wards are kept in prime condition. The operation requires you to transport necessary repair materials from the stockpile, using the enchanted sack provided. Be mindful that the sack does not rupture in the process.