Job Ability

  • Enhances attacks of party members within area of effect.
  • Obtained: Warrior Level 35
  • Recast Time: 5:00 (-0:10 with each merit upgrade)
  • Duration: 0:30


  • This ability raises the attack of all party members within the area of effect by an amount dependent on the WAR's level. Warcry from a WAR37 (or /WAR37) gives +14/256 (+5.46875%) attack while Warcry from a WAR75 gives +23/256 (+8.984375%) attack.
  • Enmity added to the user varies depending on how many people the effect lands on.
  • Adds an amount of enmity to the user equal to that of a Provoke should it land on all 6 party members.
  • Does not stack with Boost. Warcry will have no effect if Boost is active.
  • Overwrites and is overwritten by Blood Rage.
  • If the effect is stolen via Aura Steal, the amount of attack increase is the same of the increase on the mob it was stolen from. Ex. If a Thief were to steal Warcry from a Yagudo mob with 500 base attack, the amount of attack received from Warcry would be 25-45 (500 x .05-.09).
  • Range: party (not alliance) members within 14.0 yalms will receive the effect.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja Warcry <me>
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