An Explanation

Waltz Potency refers to the effectiveness of Waltz Dances, such as Curing Waltz and Divine Waltz. Anything that increases Waltz Potency directly affects the amount of HP healed by these spells. It should be noted that Waltz Potency does not increase the healing effects of other means of Curing a target, such as Chakra, Cure or Curaga.

An example: A Dancer performs Curing Waltz II which normally heals their target for 170 HP. If they equip something that gives them Cure Potency +10%, their Curing Waltz II will heal their target for 187 HP.

Waltz Potency ignores the "soft caps" of dancing abilities. Equipment that enhances Waltz Potency is usually much more effective for healing purposes, as opposed to equipment that enhances CHR which is greatly limited by soft caps.

Equipment that Enhances this Skill

By Amount Added

Name Potency Increase
+1% +3% +5% +7% +10%
Sonia's Plectrum CheckCheck
Valseur's Ring CheckCheck
Etoile Tiara CheckCheck
Etoile Tiara +1 CheckCheck
Etoile Tiara +2 CheckCheck
Roundel Earring CheckCheck
Dancer's Casaque CheckCheck
Dancer's Casaque +1 CheckCheck
Phurba CheckCheck
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