Start NPC Splintery Chest - Ru'Lude Gardens
Requirements Wings of the Goddess
Level 99
Key ItemMagian Trial Log
Cait Sith (Mission) started
Items Needed Coin of ______ x30 or x15 (see below)
Devious Die x100 or x35
Liminal Residue x100 or x35
Level 90+ Empyrean Weapon or 99 Walk of Echoes weapon (Only if you already have one in your possession)
Repeatable Yes
Reward Weapon depending on trials chosen:

Dumuzis (Victory Smite)
Khandroma (Rudra's Storm)
Brunello (Chant du Cygne)
Xiphias (Torcleaver)
Sacripante (Cloudsplitter)
Shamash (Ukko's Fury)
Umiliati (Quietus)
Daboya (Camlann's Torment)
Kasasagi (Blade: Hi)
Torigashiranotachi (Tachi: Fudo)
Rose Couverte (Dagan)
Paikea (Myrkr)
Mollfrith (Wildfire)
Circinae (Jishnu's Radiance)

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Guardian of the Void Kupofried's H2H Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Axe Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Polearm Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Dagger Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Scythe Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Marksmanship Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Great Sword Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Great Katana Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Club Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Archery Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Sword Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Great Axe Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Katana Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Staff Moogle Magic

The following Magian Trials can be completed to permanently unlock the weapon skills previously exclusive to Empyrean Weapons and their weaker Walk of Echoes counterparts,


  • Method #1, starting from scratch
    • Examine the Splintery Chest next to the Magian Moogles in Ru'Lude Gardens and proceed to the -1 weapons near the end of the list.
    • Select the -1 weapon that leads to the weapon skill you want.
    • Start the three trials by trading the -1 weapon to the Magian Moogle (Orange). The items can be obtained by completing Walk of Echoes battlefields or by purchasing them from players' bazaars:
      • Each weapon type will have a different series of trial numbers.
      • Collect 30 coins of a specific type and trade them and the -1 weapon to the Delivery Crate in Ru'Lude Gardens to begin the next trial.
  • Method #2 if you have an older Walk of Echoes weapon, started an Empyrean Weapons weapon previously, or have beginnings of an Empyrean Weapons weapon. (you can be anywhere in this process, skip over that which you have done previously)
    • Choose weapon from first page of Splintery Chest if you have not previously
    • Perform trials to defeat the necessary Notorious Monster and Voidwalker Notorious Monsters
    • Obtain 15 coins of the same type as the Method #1 instead of proceeding to Abyssea trials (when you are presented with 2 trials along path chose 2nd)
    • Obtain 15 Kindred's Crest and trade them to the box in Ru'Lude Gardens for the +1 weapon
    • Obtain 20 High Kindred's Crest and trade them to the box in Ru'Lude Gardens for the +2 weapon.
    • Obtain 35 Devious Dice and trade them to the box in Ru'Lude Gardens for the +3 version of the weapon.
    • Obtain 35 Liminal Residue and trade them to the box in Ru'Lude Gardens for the final 99 weapon listed above.
  • Method 3: Empyrean Weapons that have started Abyssea trials (chose the first option to make a stronger weapon through) will have to proceed along old trial path until the weapon is 90 or higher.

After any one of the methods above is accomplished, Proceed to Walk of Echoes through Xarcabard (S).

In order to proceed from this point onwards, you must have completed the Crystal War quest Guardian of the Void.

  • Take the final weapon to Walk of Echoes, and with the weapon equipped in your main hand, talk to the ??? glowing on the floor to the far north.
    • After completing your first Kupofried's Moogle Magic quest, you no longer need to equip a weapon to flag another WoE Weapon Skill quest. They can be flagged on any job with no equipment requirements at this point.
  • Kupofried appears and offers you a choice of which weapon skill quest to flag. Select one, then trade that weapon to the glowing ??? to unlock that Empyrean weapon skill and complete that weapon skill quest.
    • You must zone out of Walk of Echoes for the new weapon skill to be listed in the weapon skill menu list.
    • You dont need to zone out to see the new weapon skill in list. You just have te reequip the weapon with the WS and reequip the weapon that you want and you will now be able to see the WS in list. (27/12/2014)
    • There is a waiting period before you can accept another Kupofried's Moogle Magic quest after completing one. Players must wait one game day to undertake a new quest.

Weapons and Coins

The Treasure Coffer for winning a particular Conflux can contain the following coins, or pouches containing those coins, as loot.

Coin Weapon Jobs
Coin of Advancement Dumuzis -1 (Hand-to-Hand) MNK/PUP
Sacripante -1 (Axe) WAR/BST
Daboya -1 (Polearm) DRG
Coin of Birth Khandroma -1 (Dagger) THF/BRD/DNC
Umiliati -1 (Scythe) DRK
Mollfrith -1 (Marksmanship) RNG/COR
Coin of Decay Xiphias -1 (Great Sword) PLD/DRK
Torigashiranotachi -1 (Great Katana) SAM
Rose Couverte -1 (Club) WHM
Circinae -1 (Archery) RNG
Coin of Glory Brunello -1 (Sword) RDM/PLD/BLU
Shamash -1 (Great Axe) WAR
Kasasagi -1 (Katana) NIN
Coin of Ruin Paikea -1 (Staff) BLM/SMN/SCH