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|reward= 1 [[Imperial Gold Piece]], Select from [[Colossus's Earring]], [[Colossus's Torque]], [[Colossus's Mantle]], 10,000gil, or The ability to summon [[Alexander]]
|reward= 1 [[Imperial Gold Piece]] <br> Select from: <br> [[Colossus's Earring]] <br> [[Colossus's Torque]] <br> [[Colossus's Mantle]]<br> 10,000gil <br> The ability to summon [[Alexander]]

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Start NPC Naja Salaheem - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10)
Requirements Aht Urhgan Mission 44: Nashmeira's Plea completed, Summoner level 1Verification Needed, Verification Needed
Reward 1 Imperial Gold Piece
Select from:
Colossus's Earring
Colossus's Torque
Colossus's Mantle
The ability to summon Alexander


Game Description

Nashmeira (Throne Room, Imperial Ward)
Curious readings from the chamber where the iron colossus sleeps have Imperial researchers ill at ease. At Her Majesty's behest, seek the support of the four nations for a plan to repair the colossus and free the Empire from its shadow once and for all.
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