Start NPC ??? - La Theine Plateau (G-6)
Requirements Ifrit, Titan, Leviathan, Garuda, Shiva and Ramuh acquired
Items Needed KeyItemEye of Flames
KeyItemEye of Frost
KeyItemEye of Gales
KeyItemEye of Storms
KeyItemEye of Tides
KeyItemEye of Tremors
KeyItemFaded Ruby
Title Granted Disturber of Slumber; Interrupter of Dreams
Repeatable Yes
Reward Carbuncle's Pole
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Trial by Fire
Trial by Earth
Trial by Water
Trial by Wind
Trial by Ice
Trial by Lightning


Elemental Avatar Battles

  • Defeat the six Prime Celestial Avatars.
  • Like in the "Trial by" family of quests, the Prime avatars have access to the level 75 meritable Blood Pact: Rages.
    • These attacks ignore Utsusemi and do ~1000 damage unresisted, be sure to keep Barspells and Carol on at all times.
Ifrit Prime: Meteor Strike
Shiva Prime: Heavenly Strike
Garuda Prime: Wind Blade
Titan Prime: Geocrush
Ramuh Prime: Thunderstorm
Leviathan Prime: Grand Fall
  • The Avatars can use their Astral Flow attack at anytime, and is independent of the Avatar's HP.
  • You can either tank the Avatar with Ninjas, or if you have enough Summoners, they can kill the avatar by themselves with physical Blood Pacts.
  • Elemental Magic nukes of the Avatar's weak element do decent damage, but are better used on the elemental pets.
  • Each Avatar is supported by four elementals that share hate with the avatar.
    • A significant amount of damage must be inflicted on the elementals to pull them off of the avatar's target.
    • As well as attacking the players, the elementals cure the avatar with tier IV elemental nukes.
    • Elementals do not respawn when killed, but rather one is created when the avatar uses their level 75 meritable Blood Pact: Rages. A maximum number of four elementals will be out at any given time.
    • The elementals' melee attacks have an added effect of the appropriate debuff of that element.
    • The elementals are weak to melee attacks.
    • A good number of Black Mages are important for killing the elementals. 5 -ga III spells of the opposing element will take out all of the elementals.
  • You only need to defeat the avatar in order to win.
  • Each BCNM will drop a few elemental clusters of the appropriate element after the win and each person will receive the following key items:
KeyItemEye of Flames (Cloister of Flames)
KeyItemEye of Tremors (Cloister of Tremors)
KeyItemEye of Tides (Cloister of Tides)
KeyItemEye of Gales (Cloister of Gales)
KeyItemEye of Frost (Cloister of Frost)
KeyItemEye of Storms (Cloister of Storms)

Final Battle

Toraimarai Composite

Composite map to Full Moon Fountain

  • Once you have all 6 key items, proceed to Full Moon Fountain for the final battlefield and a cut scene.
    • Battle name: "Waking the Beast". Player limit: 18. Time limit: 30 minutes.
      • Buffs will NOT wear upon entry.
  • Once you defeat this final battlefield, random Avatar weapons may drop, and you will also receive a KeyItemFaded Ruby.
  • The sequence for the battle is as such:
    • Carbuncle Prime will appear and will stay until he reaches 75% HP, at which point he'll disappear.
    • In its place a random avatar prime will appear. When it's dead, Carbuncle Prime will appear.
    • Deplete Carbuncle Prime's HP to 50%, and he'll disappear.
    • In its place will appear two random avatar primes that have not appeared before. When they're dead, Carbuncle Prime will reappear.
    • Deplete Carbuncle Prime's HP to 25%, and he'll disappear.
    • In its place will appear three celestial avatar primes that have not appeared previously. Defeat them and Carbuncle Prime will reappear.
    • This time there will be five Carbuncle Primes with 25% HP. The Carbuncles will astral flow upon the first prime defeat or their astral flow timer is up (about 1 minute). Defeat all five Carbuncles to win the battle.
  • After the battle choose either yes ("Disturber of Slumber" title) or no ("Interrupter of Dreams" title), if you want to give the energy back to the fountain or not.
  • Return the KeyItemFaded Ruby to Carbuncle in La Theine Plateau to finish the quest and receive Carbuncle's Pole.
  • You may restart the quest after the weekly Conquest Tally Results.

Additional Rewards

These items may be dropped during the BC.

Carbuncle's Cuffs
Garuda's Sickle
Ifrit's Bow
Leviathan's Couse
Ramuh's Mace
Shiva's Shotel
Titan's Baselard

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Game Description

Carbuncle (La Theine Plateau)
Carbuncle wants you to visit all the protocrystals and gather the elemental energy of the sleeping gods. Will their imminent awakening mean fortune or doom for Vana'diel? Only Carbuncle's ancient friend at the Full Moon Fountain may know...
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