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Hello there! this is a guide with the purpose of showing all you cute and adorable healers of vana'diel another side to your class~



  • DUAH? whats this? white mage as a tank? omgnowai! that is the normal response that anyone would have when thinking about putting this "Frail class" in harms way. if anyone reading this guide has ever participated in a ballistia match, they will know that one of the hardest jobs to kill is a skilled WHM/WAR.

What levels can i tank at?

  • starting prior to level 40 is a very difficult task, it can be done, but it is not for the Weak of wallet and would require practicaly all HQ gear to reach an acceptable damage midigation level. once WHM hits level 40, they begin getting access to several spells and pieces of gear that are crucial to start tanking effectively. a word of caution, if you get addicted to WHM tanking, and plan on doing it the entire way, take this word of advice: take the normal level you would start tanking in a camp and Increase it by 1 if your in all HQ, 2 if your in full NQ. colibri are easy as pie to tank however, the lack of a defense food will make your life much more difficult so it is advised that you either;
  • A: bring along a DNC BRD RDM or COR, so you have ample refresh to keep crankin out cures
  • B: Avoid them altogether.

What Gear should i focus on

  • Defense and vitality are your primary concerns, as well as enmity and shield/evasion skill, followed lastly by HP/MP.

Key pieces of gear to collect would be:








The How to

  • to be continued*
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