Ramuh delivers a three-hit attack that also stuns target.


Avatar: Ramuh (Lightning)

Blood Pact: Rage

Cost: 229 MP

Level: 99


Effect Duration: 0-5+Verification Needed seconds per hit

Damage Type: Blunt

Additional Notes:

  • In terms of reliable damage, this is the most powerful physical blood pact in the game. While Flaming Crush does have higher damage potential, Flaming Crush also has random elemental resists that occasionally drastically reduce its damage, making Volt Strike the best for consistent physical blood pact damage.
  • Each hit has a chance to score a critical hit.
  • If all three hits land and stun processes on each one, the total effect can last up to 15 seconds. This is commonly considered the strongest stun in the game, but it will not overwrite an existing stun effect.
  • Avatar's TP does not affect this ability.
  • Skillchains: Scission-Icon.gifFragmentation-Icon.gif

Effective against: Corses, Skeletons , and Magic Pots

Macro Syntax

  • /pet "Volt Strike" <t>
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